• A+A Femme | The Woman Kind 23.2
  • A+A Femme | The Woman Kind 23.2

A+A Femme | The Woman Kind 23.2


A Historical moment in time, where fashion is in great transformation focusing on the essential with a strong eye to sustainability and purpose.  This edition reflects femininity in a moment when that very concept is in flux.  To be feminine is a feeling and attitude that is different for each person who embodies it. Items are worn under, over, or in any combination where rules are passè and freedom reigns. An ethical consumer who believes more in the "purchase-one-good-piece a season", who finds alignment in companies values, or a repair-and-resale "up-cycler". The impulse is all the same!

Inspired by the gentle green buds, floral tints, and the delights of early spring. A feminine breeze from the 1950-1960s with silhouettes emanating a mood that is light and optimistic with plenty of chiffons, fluid fabrics, and soft flounces. Floral motifs are key!

KEYWORDS: Tender greens, sixties mood, abstract florals, pretty provencal.

The mood towards all things natural gets an update, offering a romantic 19th century feel. Rustic fabrics are shaped into full-sleeve silhouettes. Simple yarn dyes plaids and checks are part of this story. . Colors draw from the earth, with sunbaked hues for a cottage-core sensibility. Handloomed textiles, botanical motifs, with inspiration from all wooded areas- forests, glades, jungles. 

KEYWORDS: Romantic peasant, Afro-artisan, Regency costumes, woodsy & serene. 

An ethereal drift into tulle and ruffles. Fabrics are featherweight in buttercream tints. Clothing becomes an escape into fantasy or an expression of pure joy. A modern "prom-queen attitude" is enlightened with a bit of sparkle. It's about lightness and the pure joy of dressing up. An effervescent mood pervades with feathery trims, pale tints for a modern twist to abstract prints, and sporty color-blocking. 

KEYWORDS: Weightless, Chalky, multiple layers, fun & frivolity

This theme is all about traveling light and bright, for a functional but comfortable mood. Getting back to a neo-normal life with minimum fuss and maximum momentum. Stretchy fabrics move forward with plush textures. aerated constructions and advanced technologies that promote comfort and wellness. Second-skin fits with brilliant solids, graphic color-blocking, and vibrant stripes. 

KEYWORDS. Energy flow, stretch-luxe, puzzle pieces, Op Art.

This theme celebrates the allure of vintage pin-ups and the freedom to express unfettered sexuality. The corset is restructured and re-contexted for a new era, conveying the power of seduction while accentuating curves for all shapes. Softer silhouettes are another alternative, achieved with asymmetric shirring or goddess drapery. A mood focused on self-acceptance with cosmetic and natural tones.

KEYWORDS: Self-love, skin caress, fluid layers, authentically modern.

The desire for sophisticated, elegant, and confidence, centering on the new pared-back closet, where each piece is high quality, well designed, and multifunctional.  A negative-positive palette of dark and neutrals with a touch of mid-century couture aesthetic. An edited wardrobe of elegant basics that are updated and modern. The mood is smart and refined with a sexy, sophisticated flair.

KEYWORDS: Sculpted precision, the art of dressmaking, effortless, modern confidence

Classic investment pieces are updated with strong shapes, graphic patterns, clear color, and a sporty attitude. Clothes and styles that last beyond fleeting trends. The shapes are recognizable rather than experimental, drawing from old favorites but, made new in proportion and detail. Inspired also by the late '70s with the rise of women entering the workforce. An energetic mix of classic and sportswear. 

KEYWORDS: VIntage update, Neo-classic, ironic nostalgia, sport-lux

Collaborations between artists and designers spark creativity and offer painterly prints, unusual color combinations, and high lowe mixes. Any surface becomes a canvas. An "anything-goes" attitude mixing activewear and eveningwear. It's about clothing as a collage, whether a pastiche of items in an ensemble or a literal patchwork of fabrics and prints in one garment.  From up-cycled vintage to local artisans, as long as it expresses the wearer's personality.

KEYWORDS: hyper-individual, Art-centric, wearable masterpiece, neo-geo.

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