• A+A G.Men | The New Gentlemen 24.2

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A+A G.Men | The New Gentlemen 24.2

A+A GMen | The new gentlemen

From the editor

In the 24.2, I would like to name this book “OTHER DIMENSION”. These are the key words. With this edition or Di- mension I want to discover other cultures, ethnics, societies nomad lifestyles, in each style traditional and contemporary. Each dimension gives me another view of how I can see the next menswear collection could be. It is like watching a movie, listening to music, or having a dream. When we are doing these activities, we are living and that moment. So, I want to give you this moment and feeling in each mood and pages. When you turn the pages, you will be on the road with me ready to go to another dimension. “Home” will also remain important as a sentiment as well as a place, with designs and experiences that can recreate familiar comforts in any setting. Healing and natural materials, mood-boosting colors and earthy textures will connect us back to nature, and previously marginalized voices and old traditions will be raised up with respect, and a recognition that there is unity and strength in diversity. Another side. From Ganja River to Purgatory, a Natural Zen of  Savasana, to the Wondercus land and western world. So, in this book you will find many  “other dimensions” to choose from. 



A Nordic, Scandinavian inspiration. Essentiality, quality e minimalism is key. Seeing luxury through organic and natural fabrics that are comfortable and light. Its about feeling good, paring comfort and practicality with self-expression and individuality. Materials are eco-sustainable, with natural dyes and ethically friendly fabrics. 


From India with love. Inspired by the colors of India that are rich with culture and heritage fulfilling the desire for an incomparable and versatile aesthetic. Designers can draw inspiration from every region. An injection of creativity and know how especially in the beauty of the fabrics, designs and techniques that are brought together by vast expertise and artistic craftmanship. The colors, patterns and fabrics are a message of rituals, everyday life and magical forces. They are drawn also by a world full of scents and flavors, cultures and union staying true to its origins and traditions but with an eye to innovation. 


An inspiration that comes from a restorative and calming mood. The beauty of the desert landscapes finding peace in the stark simplicity of earth and sky, as sand dunes ripple against endless horizons. These are world’s dry places where time and the elements have carved deep canyons and awe-inspiring rock sculptures. Discover arid terrain painted in bands of stunning colors, bright white salt flats that are the source of inspiration for materials, and silhouettes. Versatile, elegant evoking a feeling of connection with craftsmanship and innovative techniques. 


Inspired by an imaginary journey through the American west and the debonair peacocking style of the mid50's cowboys. The new frontiersman with a contemporary new fringed suede jacket. Lots of mix and match between active and cowboy, between simple and embellished. less dress-up and more integration of hardwearing, utilitarian workwear all in easy-to-wear fabrics. 


A journey into Italian literature through one of the world's most important works. Dante and his concept of purgatory. The journey of a man and his experiences. Like a wilderness bootcamp, like a black mountain rather than a magical Tuscan hillside. Dante’s truth feels more necessary than ever today " the great love for others is the antidote to the cruelty in this world". An underworld where spirits migrate after death has always been part of humankind. A state of being, rather than an actual realm between heaven and hell. An inner fire that refines impurities. A new way to look at black that is somewhat mysterious yet elegant when color and accents take center stage. 


The new generation of workers including the GenZ that at such a young age are already exploring the working world in their own way. A style that is fresh almost like the preppy style of the 80's. A classic clerical attire, where practicality and comfort is preferred. They increasingly favor brands that are aligned with their values and avoid those that not. Sustainability is key where vintage is the key driver combined with simple t-shirts and short-sleeved shirt, bermudas and a loafer to add a bit of eccentricity and preppiness to the look. 


Two words coming together: wonderland + circus. This theme at first glance seems whimsical and exaggerated but hides a very strong couture and elegance that cannot go un-noticed. The bulging, abundant shapes may not be part of a daily attire but are a must if you want to be unique and make a statement. From a Victorian aesthetic that is still present, to a more fun circus mood is mixed with traditional elegance. What may look too much, can be toned down by something simple and basic.  


Don’t forget to take a look at it! Here we wanted to share three themes that are in the book and experiment with different denim looks. We chose American Frontiers, Essential and Workin’ Millennials. 

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