• A+A Home Interior Trends S/S 2021
  • A+A Home Interior Trends S/S 2021
  • A+A Home Interior Trends S/S 2021
  • A+A Home Interior Trends S/S 2021

A+A Home Interior Trends S/S 2021

Trend forecast for decoration and interior design introducing 11 strong themes with 60 colors and over 100 fabric and material swatches exclusively styled by A + A design studio.  Also including key ideas for the utilization of the materials.

1. ODYSSEY: Reinterpretation of the Odysseus also in the world of interior design. Greece's rich history with its detailed and handmade craftsmanship and its timeless architecture is being revisited by in a more contemporary fashion. Eternal mythological inspiration with gods and goddesses. Patterns are graphic but very decorative; Jacquard relief, classic arabesques, and folk geometry. Touches of gold; kaki & Gold but also turquoise blue with shiny finishes. Materials can be raw and precious, linen and straw.
2. AIRY TRANSPARENCY: Interior becomes very airy through transparent layers that multiply light. Focus on the "contract concept" for both office space and home, where collaboration and teamwork are advocated and where multi-functional spaces without partition of rooms except with some glass or transparent walls are created. Transparent surfaces are also found not only on facades but also on furniture and materials.
3. DESERT DREAM: Interiors are dominated by bleached colors that are anything but artificial inspired by the dusty plains of Arizona and colorful Peru' mountains. Materials like Hemp, linen, and straw are used with folklore patterns but the newness comes from the soft degrade of the colors that evoke soft sunsets and natural landscapes.
4. MISS DUCHESSE: Aristocracy with a twist. sweet and bright tones intensify delicate ornaments. 18th-century inspiration full of opulence and romanticism. Stripes and micro patterns remix the boudoir.
5. EXTRAVAGANZA: Maximalism at its highest point. An accumulation of colors, prints & patterns all together to create an eclectic fantasy. This theme is for the collectors at heart with big personalities. Some may also bring into their homes some Kidult extravaganza.
6. EVERYDAY GREEN: The demand for new sustainable lifestyles does not only apply to the architectural structure of the home with available and new resources. The so-called " passive house" has become a philosophy of life in order to maximize energy saving to improve health and quality of life for its guests. Also for interior design, nature is our key player by using natural materials and plants to create a harmonious environment.
7. DIURNAL: The Moon is the new spiritual energy guide influencing also our homes with its mystical effects. From pearly to chine' materials reminding us of the moons glow to crater-like objects to colors that are mineral and metallic giving a luxurious aspect to bedding and fabrics.

  • 11 rich illustrated and inspirational trend themes with color proposals

  • Each topic with Color ranges of yarns, fabric swatches and plastic chips as working tool

  • Colors are identified by A + A IDs and additionally with Cross reference lists for Pantone®, Scotdic® and Clariant® numbers.

  • Ringbinder, 37 x 30 cm, 125 pages
    Country of origin: Italy
    Language: English, Italian

    2 issues a year published in July and January.

    Price per item = €1,950.00

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