• A+A Surfaces | Material Trends 24.1

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A+A Surfaces | Material Trends 24.1

A unique trend book focused on innovative, technical and unwoven materials for all fields of design. It includes: key themes of the season, color range in plastic, a large selection of materials and textured swatches, key words and inspirational imagery. All digital imagery, additional prints and patterns and extra digital material are also available.


THE MESSAGE FOR 24.1 is described in one word: CHANGE

The world is changing everyday: the population is changing, customer trends are changing, technology is changing and the economy is changing, our vision of the future is changing. However what is important for 24.1 is the Rhythm, this is what has changed. Our rhythm today follows the rhythm of our heartbeat, our rhythm in the way we do things, the way we move, feel and breath. Each theme is represented by a synonym of the word CHANGE. We will begin with with our inner self and then travel outside, taking us on a journey into the past and then back to the future. Each story will get us to look at life from a different perspective, more sustainable of course, and also more giving.