• A+A Very - Men Fashion Trends S/S2021
  • A+A Very - Men Fashion Trends S/S2021
  • A+A Very - Men Fashion Trends S/S2021
  • A+A Very - Men Fashion Trends S/S2021

A+A Very - Men Fashion Trends S/S2021

It is important to understand what is influencing today's' male consumer and what they are looking for. The Digital Natives ( born or brought up during the age of digital technology) are dictating the new rules in fashion as they have lost the cultural inhibitions that seem to have blocked the previous generations. This excessive use of the web, with its infinite possibilities of expression, dialogue, novelty, differentiation and consumption coupled with a redefinition of gender stereotypes, has created a new "breed" of skilled and demanding customers. They are willing to invest in fashion as long as it satisfies their creative checklist which obviously must also include the fundamental rules of sustainability, transparency, and authenticity. There are still many challenges ahead, especially in this increasingly "instagrammable" society but through this book, we would like to share with you some essential guidelines:

What to look for in terms of style and attitude:

• NEO-TRADIONALIST: Back to the "formal", with a vintage touch but with a strong anti-conservative approach.
• ASCETIC: Purified, spiritual, essential, integralist of sustainability based on a meaning in the new life which is more restrained and minimal.
• POSITIVIST: a preference for the formal, urban yet sustainable look but with sporty, functional and comfortable details for a more confident approach to life.
• ACTIVIST: an awakening of political consciousness and renewed attention to global/local social themes with a desire for something that is at times nostalgic and retro, but reinvented with a touch of artisan and folk influences.


New generations are being pushed to revive tradition but with a strong contemporary and slightly anti-conformist connotation. Contemporary city-wear with sartorial tradition.
• COLORS: beige with accents of blue
• MATERIALS: Cotton ( organic), summer wools and genuine leather
• MUST HAVE: blazer and/or oversize suits. 30's pleated trousers tubular or cropped, polo rugby / Daddy striped shirts, contemporary trench coats. proportions go larger but also very detailed
Brands to look out for: Ami by Akexandre Mattiussi, Burburry

A need for spiritualism, interpreted through cleanliness, essentiality, rigor, and minimalism in contrast to the past decade's excesses. Inspired by Japanese and non-western influences. City-wear & athleisure but with a minimalist look.
• COLORS: optical white, off white and very light ecru
• MATERIALS: natural fibers, cotton, linen, silk but with an advanced twist thanks to technology and innovations. traceability is key!
• MUST HAVE: Kimono inspired suits and jackets renewed in design details. Caftans and maxi shirts focus on performance and functionality
Brands to look out for : Issey Miyake , Hed Mayner and Xander Zhou

Delicate yet not obvious pastel colors for a genderless style. A mix of sport and traditional elements. A chill-out approach for comfort yet sophisticated. Tone on tone or with some regressive motifs and patterns.
• COLORS: pink and pastel shades add new value in menswear. Add also the watery and greenish tones.
• MATERIALS: matt, paper-like natural surfaces but also technologically performing materials that are soft, velvety or spongy. Cotton wool blends and semi-transparent nylon or PVC type materials, jersey or chenille.
• MUST HAVE: 1/2 way between city and sports-wear from cotton Bermuda suits, to pastel-colored bombers and tracksuits, formal or Hawaiian style shirts.
Brands to look out for: Robyn Lynch, Kiko Kostantinov, Quasimi

Celebrating the social and cultural dynamism of modernity. A mix of physical & virtual elements, analogical & digital, natural & artificial through new technologies and innovation. Uniform-inspired clothing for instance from race car drivers or cyclers. Use logos and sport-inspired geometric motifs.
• COLORS: vitamins, chemical, electric shades with accents of bright yellow and hues of mint-green and cerulean blue.
• MATERIALS: special hi-tech effects, synthetic, and performing materials, Nylon, light translucent materials, with embossed 3D effects.
• MUST HAVE: The suit but with jogging details. High tech parka or sporty vest with functional details. Shirt or polo's with dynamic patches.
Brands to look out for: Virgil Abloh and Wan Hung

A look at the past from the 40' to the '50s, revamped in a contemporary angle. Vintage but informal look revisited in an urban and smart version; retro-sport echoes from bowling to tennis and baseball. Also inspired by Acapulco in the '40s with an artsy twist.
• COLORS: brownish and sandy tones like clay, honey, tobacco with a touch of faded accents in ginger, pumpkin, and moss-green or violet.
• MATERIALS: traditional suit remodeled in a summary, retro style. Blends of sophisticated natural fibers- wool/linen, cotton/linen, wool/silk. Irregular riflings and openwork jersey. Vintage stripes and pinstripes.
• MUST HAVE: bermuda-suit in patterned fabric, Havana shirt with exotic prints, and western jacket, 40's polo shirt.
Brands to look out for: Marco de Vincenzo, Luca Magliano, E.Tautz

6. Pastoral
As always, back to nature, not the exotic and non-western but the close, intimate and poetic one! An Arcadian countryside a tribute to the simplicity of colors, materials, fibers, and clothing functionality. A return to the origins, and a to lifestyle more in line with sustainability and achievable dreams.
• COLORS: natural fiber tones, from light beige to a dark ecru with accents of herbaceous and vegetal pigments from khaki to olive green.
• MATERIALS: strictly vegetable, organic certified and traceable. Organic cultivation and non-aggressive treatments. Fibers such as hemp, flax, ramie but also bamboo banana and pineapple. Waxing, waterproofing, and coating with natural resins. Use of Cork and wood fibers.
• MUST HAVE: unstructured and unlined blazers, 18 century inspired trench-coats, the peasant vest, linen blouses, rural cargo pants or bermudas.
Brands to look for: new Miyake's natural collection, Sabato Russo, Hed Myner

7. Rafiki
The Swahili term for "friend". An Afro-futuristic theme linked with a sportswear attitude revisited in a sophisticated and urban twist. A mix of graphic patterns, materials, and handmade prints. A theme rich on prints!
• COLORS: Chocolaty browns, with a propensity to reddish and earthy tones matched with a multitude of intense but not primary colors,
• MATERIALS: handwoven fabrics, braided, embroidered. Rustic canvas, woven fabrics, with multi-color effects. Micro, animal prints.
• MUST HAVE: Jacket with a hand-made fabric from leather to raffia "jacket-pants" matching sets. Sweater-shorts, shirt- bermuda with lots of artsy details and patterns.
Brands to look out for: BODE, Wakanda, Niyi OKUBOYEJO
Price per item = €1,800.00

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