• A+A Vision Prints A/W 2021.2022
  • A+A Vision Prints A/W 2021.2022
  • A+A Vision Prints A/W 2021.2022
  • A+A Vision Prints A/W 2021.2022

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A+A Vision Prints A/W 2021.2022

A comprehensive overview of prints and patterns.
The most important aspects for the coming collections.
With mood boards and illustrations, colour yarns and many exclusive patterns.

Technical data for the CD-Rom:
Type of medium: CD-Rom. Type of file: pixelized. Size of file: 150 dpi. Operating System: MAC OS X/10.4.
Files can be opend by: Adobe Photoshop and Photo Paint. Files are saved as .jpg. Files are stored for the use on Windows and MAC.

For FW 21/22 Vision Edition we have focused the following type of patterns:

Check: Inspired by woven classics, glen checksum tartans, Madras. The effects can be Blurry by staining them or adding texture. Graphic checks from 70'-80's either very colorful or hand-drawn.
Animal: Still with us, on us, either as abstract spots, or more realistic patterns. colors move away from the classic one, into more colorful harmonies inspired by street couture.
Flowers: Faded bouquets inspired by dried-out flowers are invading more the interior world. Baroque and opulent, graphic or with a 70's touch.
Foliage: In small repetitive motifs, leaves become more graphic. Also large brushstrokes but with a tribal twist or abstract.
Textures: Graphics, burry, in focus, textures of all kinds are enriching motifs and backgrounds.
Shading: Play with shades in the background or in the patterns or in the contours of geometrical motifs.
Layering: Use different layers in patterns either by overlapping of 2 motifs, from different inspirations such as baroque + flowers, or check+ texture.
Fabrics: In order to move away from basics, we are looking for textured backgrounds. Some suggestions can be tone-on-tone or shiny matt jacquard patterns, stripes dyed or embossed, 3D effects with matelassè or tubular jacquards, pleated or deconstructed checks or flower.
Embroidery: Embroidery above or below, before or after printing and can also be used instead of fancy weaving.
Laser and Technology: Laser cutting for lace or 3D effects. laser marking to obtain engraving effects.


Autumn light
A modern tribal inspiration with warm colors ranging from golden yellow to dark brown: focus on glen checks and tartans but reinterpreted with graphic effects. As real fur is disappearing from the market, animal skin patterns are big, with realistic spots or revisited with vector or pectorial effects. Motifs' from the '50s mixed with an African tribal spirit.
KEYWORDS: Arty Art Deco, graphic bicolor, optical camouflage, geometric composition, autumn leaves.

Arty Vintage
A journey through the pictorial currents of 20th-century contemporary art, free abstraction, kinetic art. Colors are strong and dark and inspired by the gradations of Rothko (American painter who uses colors as the sole means of expression) and the kinetic rhythms of Yacov Agam, powerful stripes and Skully tiles and 80's sports influence.
KEYWORDS: Blurry drawings, dynamic cut-outs, layers of geometry, accumulation, obsessive repetition.

Icy Romantic
Nordic Inspiration with cold, clear and bright colors. Search for motifs borrowed from Viking folklore and the liberty movement. Overlay of damask patterns with stylized floral designs. Natural elements, flowers, and foliage drawn in lines or brushed. Decorative geometry, kaleidoscope, and repetition of patterns.
KEYWORDS: Romantic Baroque, distressed surfaces, Scandinavian Runes, liberty deco style, winter botanical.

Chromatic Joy
A theme that is colorful and extravagant. Inspired by the color block of the 80s-90s, with large patterns, invasion of graphics, maximum geometry, zebra and chevron, flowers and designs that invade all surfaces from building facades to socks!
KEYWORDS: Chromotherapy, a mix of sizes, flower invasion, creative freedom, cut-paste-paint.

Treasure Hunting
Abundance, rich, a vintage or bohemian spirit, a little folk, a little gypsy. Colors are damped and mixed with medium to neutral color hues. Geometry inspired by carpets from the Middle East or motives influenced by Native American folklore. Small baroque jacquards inspired by tie patterns.
KEYWORDS: motif accumulation, Chiaroscuro degradè, opulence, upcycling, Babushka Effect.

Punk Dandy
A range of dark colors to associate with black or smoky darks. Rock and punk influence revisited in a romantic way. Drawings blurred by stains. Damask and baroque motifs destroyed and covered with graffiti. KEYWORDS: Foggy surfaces, dried-out flowers, eroded patterns, precious and detailed, romantic & delicate.
Price per item = €1,850.00

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