• A+A Vision Prints & Patterns S/S2021
  • A+A Vision Prints & Patterns S/S2021
  • A+A Vision Prints & Patterns S/S2021
  • A+A Vision Prints & Patterns S/S2021

A+A Vision Prints & Patterns S/S2021

We are seeing a comeback of prints and patterns in fashion, invading all genders, especially in the summer season. There is an abundance of different prints to choose from, some delightful and light, others more visual and eccentric, but there is always space in our wardrobes for them, no matter what season! Pattern "clashing" may seem overwhelming, but it is the key to standing out and allowing you to create one's own style! Use them to brighten up the wardrobe and to bring energy to SS21. This season our inspirations come from different cultures and generations, from ancient greek to the vibes of Africa, from chid like artists to bigger than life personalities.


Greekology: starting in Ancient Greece, we fast forward to a contemporary reinterpretation of the Odysseus, where colors feel pre-digital but used in geometric patterns, giving us a sense of timeless elegance, Prints are mostly 2-or 3 tones inspired by symbols, astrology or mythological deities.
Key suggestions: Textured geometry, relief embroidery, graphic leaves, micro leopard

Friendly Nature: A close encounter with nature and all its wonders. Wildlife and landscapes from Africa and beyond are turned into graphic prints. From earthly natural tones to flashy psychedelic colors, prints are altered and enhanced by color variants.
Key suggestions: Random new camouflage, faded batiks, jungle beauties, fluid geometry.

Joyful: Today's complex world and stressful lifestyles, necessitates for a little bit of letting go and having some creative fun. Optimism, art, and freedom of expression become the tools that brighten and lighten up our day. Hand drawings, imperfect designs, eclectic color variants, and a passion for endless flowers, echos the infinite possibilities of creating something that represents one's character, personality, and taste.
Key suggestions: Naif & childish flowers, flowery stripes, accumulation of flowers, mixing techniques.

Soft Haze: A soft and sentimental mood that depicts what romanticism means in the post-digital world. Aerial shapes and textures are refreshing, inspired more by design than fashion. A mix of delicately colored stripes, checks, and flowers that can also be mixed together.
Key suggestions: modern romanticism, blurred Madras, impalpable stripes. masculine/feminine, layers of transparency.

Exuberance: Be unique, be different, be yourself be exuberant. In an age that celebrates ostentatiousness and maximalism through clashing colors, styles and prints that are purposely chosen to make a statement or to just stand out! An obsession for the exotic and the extravagant creating precious or psychedelic prints and patterns.
Key suggestions: Tropical & jungle couture, clashing geometries and fancy checks, maxi embellishments, colorful jacquards.

Moonlight: The celestial moon with its cyclical influence on the sea, stays an endless source of inspiration and brings a refreshing contrast to summer hues with its cold and shimmery aspects. The pearly droplets of the night sky inspire fabrics and prints, while the soft hues of a rising moon at sunset brings softness to the color palette. Dreamy patterns mimicking sequins, fish skins, aquatic organisms, and starry skies.
Key suggestions: Milky way constellations, shimmering Ikats and micro patterns, random bi-color repetitions, shiny aquatic undulations.

A comprehensive overview of prints and patterns.
The most important aspects for the coming collections.
With mood boards and illustrations, colour yarns and many exclusive patterns.

Technical data for the CD-Rom:
Type of medium: CD-Rom. Type of file: pixelized. Size of file: 150 dpi. Operating System: MAC OS X/10.4.
Files can be opend by: Adobe Photoshop and Photo Paint. Files are saved as .jpg. Files are stored for the use on Windows and MAC.

Price per item = €1,850.00