Francq Colors

About Hilde Francq

Francq Colors is founded by Hilde Francq. She started in the bicycle business, where she introduced color and prints to children’s bicycles. The result: they sold like hot cakes. This first-hand-experience convinced Hilde of the power of color and trends. She wanted to apply her feeling for color and trends to other clients, and so Francq Colors was born.

Why Francq Colors?

Our trend research helps you choose the right colors, materials, textures, patterns and shapes for your products, so your brand is ready for the market of tomorrow.

  •  Our advice is no hot air. It is immediately applicable.
  •  We like to push boundaries, but we always act with respect for the heritage of your brand.
  •  We put our advice into practice. We can help you with storytelling starting from our trends. A story that you can use in your marketing campaigns, PR, retail stores or magazines, whether it is B2C or B2B.

Colors matter - so do trends

85% of shoppers place color as a primary reason why they buy a particular product. That is a fact. Yet the color preferences of consumers are always changing. That is why we connect color to trends.

But we don’t stop there. Colors are expressed through materials, textures, patterns and shapes. Trends also influence these. 

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