• Nelly Rodi Life & Style 2019 -

Nelly Rodi Life & Style 2019 -

The Lifestyle book from Nelly Rodi is a unique and indepth material, focusing on lifestyle, trends and tendencies both through pictures, text, collages and colours.

Nelly Rodi Lifestyle & Attitudes focuses on consumer behaviors and consumer trends. The book is very conceptual and contains lot of indepth descriptions of the mindset of the future consumers.

The book contains 4 consumer types for the future - each consumer type is well describes; Colours, lifestyle, preferences within fashion, interior, food, electronics, cosmetics etc. Each story also contains examples of new and innovative materials.

the book is targeted at the following industries: Beauty/cosmetics, fashion, advertising, marketing and communication, food and beverages, electronics, accessories, architects, transportation and industrial design.

Published once a year

Price per item = €4,400.00