A new colorimeter is now available. The RAL COLORCATCH NANO measures up to five colours at the same time, regardless of surface and material, and finds the corresponding RAL colour shade. The shade is shown with digital Colour values and –using the app RAL ‘Colour applied to an object directly.

During the Colour measurement, all non-dominating Colour shades, shadows or dirt are eliminated automatically.

 Please find below some of the features of the RAL Nano:

-  Pocket size, round and ergonomic design

-  Integrated calibration system

-  Thanks to the camera and its optics, the colorimeter increases the image six-fold and accurately measure color from the size of a few pixels

-  Indicates RGB, L*a*b*, and CMYK as well as the reflectance values of most selected color cards

-  Works with iOS and Android Apps

-  The measured color can be directly applied to a pre-painted object in the App

-  User manual in 6 languages

Price per item = €504.90

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