• D.Cipherfm Men AW 23/24
  • D.Cipherfm Men AW 23/24
  • D.Cipherfm Men AW 23/24
  • D.Cipherfm Men AW 23/24
  • D.Cipherfm Men AW 23/24

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D.Cipherfm Men AW 23/24


For A/W 23 we dive into different stories that can feel like completely different realms of reality to be explored; however at their core they’re all evolutions of what we have learnt so far from the world, culture, technology, history, nature… - influenced by the past of humanity, the present ways of living we are building together and the future we strive to experience. They all take root in our need to be inspired, expanding thought, interconnection, rediscovery and the creation of lifestyles which will potentially lead us to a balanced future.

Nu-Orthodoxy fuels themes such as the importance of being/showing ourselves even when we wear traditional/classic styles - roots, reusing, recycling and re-inventing to prevent fast paced waste from happening. Garment stories, looking beyond the garment itself. DIY spirit meets yuppie classics, the new arc of “Academia core” aesthetics. Seller generated content - Depop, Vinted, TradeMade and ThreadUp and others go hand in hand with the ideal of sustainability through recycling and further support the already evident retro aesthetic wave. Niche viral content creators and online subcultures that appeal to customers who are edgier and want to involve themselves in faster driven trends.

A further evolution of Gorpcore that becomes a staple in many men’s wardrobes; Botany Boy takes us to a detoxified space with a peaceful sense of memories of a greener past in an urban context (although plenty of excursions in nature on the week - ends). Herbals and foraging with friends and hounds, building cabins and investing in real vegan leathers made with plants. Major powers from the US to China are turning further inward, extolling “self-sufficiency” over globalisation (Financial Times) — Sense of control - being in tune with the body and the environment through micro farming, composting, community gardening, cycling, applications like Olio (food waste), breathwork and medicinal nature.

In Cloud Surfers we are striving for a completely balanced and interconnected life: human x nature x tech. This balance is idealistic and almost feels “otherworldly” - a divine future. Mentions of manifesting being resurrected by a youthful generation in the name of wellness, a coping mechanism? Or a tool for success? “The Super-Self” achieved through the use of tech and es - sential design. Soothing meditations for our future rooted in the spirit of becoming our own healers, recovering and navigating a harsh world in soft cloudy shades.

Stripped back - clean - good for the planet and good for our mind is Re-Convention Club; where we practice “Unplugging" : being conditioned to feel the pressure to continue to do more or produce more makes resting and relaxing a privilege for some and a true revolution when done well. Brands such as Museum Of Peace & Quiet - “contemporary adults” A label committed to a clear state-of-mind, enabling us to focus on what matters by designing simplistic objects and apparel for every day use make us think about methodic / uniform style dressing, “no brainer” outfits that focus on comfort and function. Weekday dressing becoming more casual and functional than weekend styles.

Using a custom avatar to represent our online presence - to set ourselves apart on the internet out of self-expression and creativity creates a thriving D2A (direct to avatar) economy in which products can be part of the block chain or simply commis - sioned to digital creators. This 4th, 5th or 6th “dimension” inspires Meta-Self. British Fashion Council has created a whole new category that highlights Metaverse design for its annual Fashion Awards ceremony. Recently Balmain created sneaker NFT that gave you access to their fashion week show. Gaining more and more relevance we imagine ranges will become inspired by these digital spaces where users show their “metagarms” and viceversa.

D.cipher colour samples in 100% cotton are coloured solely for this book, making them unique on an entirely new level! 

Published early twice a year: March/September
Country of origin: England (London)

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