• Luminary Out of the darkness AW2021
  • Luminary Out of the darkness AW2021
  • Luminary Out of the darkness AW2021
  • Luminary Out of the darkness AW2021
  • Luminary Out of the darkness AW2021
  • Luminary Out of the darkness AW2021
  • Luminary Out of the darkness AW2021
  • Luminary Out of the darkness AW2021

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Luminary Out of the darkness AW2021


Creative director Anna Starmer founded Luminary Consultancy in London. As well as producing the bi-annual Luminary books, Anna works with leading fashion and interiors brands and retailers, providing color consultation to clients such as Jaeger, Boden, Monsoon, Estée Lauder, Gap and John Lewis. She has worked for Marks & Spencer for over 10 years, in lingerie, childrenswear and now, Home.

Twice yearly, Anna Starmer produces Luminary, an early color and trend concept bible that kickstarts seasonal concept inspiration. Alongside color, it offers key theme directions, macro lifestyle trends, and insight into the coming season. Distributed worldwide, the book is hand made in the UK and limited edition.

Luminary includes large-scale color fabric swatches and digitally printed paper chips. Dyed to a technical standard, fabrics are available to order. Trend-accurate colors and palettes support designers and buyers in working confidently with color.

Luminary AW2021

“I believe that the world is full of creative, innovative, positive souls, working together, and co-creating a new future. This is a revolution. Be the change.” Anna Starmer

Key Messages Issue 22
1. Trend is dead! The word trend is related to fast paced and trashy, throw-away design. Luminary is filled with insights and stories which last way beyond any ‘season’ – so we are calling this book ‘Issue 22’.
2. Out of the darkness – this theme is not depressing or filled with doom – quite the opposite! We are looking to these slower, uncertain times as a period of stillness and rest. Use the dark days of winter to recharge your batteries and rethink your brand offer – before emerging refreshed into the light of the spring.
3. The home becomes a sacred space where we will take time to sleep and nourish ourselves.
4. We see a return to the art of ritual and ancient wisdoms come to the fore within the realms of healing, beauty, food and home.
5. Co-creation and coming together are key if we are to survive. We are entering into a new era based on kindness, tenderness and compassion – as human beings begin to
build new systems to live within.

Key Colours Issue 22
“The colours in AW21 are intense, based in deep emotional responses to life on earth today.”
• Blood red, deep fermented grape and dark berry, are tender and passionate
• Ocean blues and indigo are solid colours
• Almost black shades underpin this season – and are everlasting key colours
• Greens continue as a way of life – they are richer and more vibrant

Story 1 – Tenderness
Key colours for the season, a layering of perfect reds, berries and pinks. Holding on to the bold colours of summer, but useful and key through all the way into winter.

Story 2 Biophillia
The term "biophilia" means "love of life or living systems." Biophillic design is to work with nature and the natural world within design. This is a more tech driven theme – as new materials and innovations are being developed to tackle the many environmental catastrophes we face.

Story 3 – Touch Me
Dream-like virtual worlds, never before touched surface textures and unreal, superfake surface renderings allow exciting possibilities beyond our awareness. A story imagining new materials, lab-grown foods and dream-like cosmetic and beauty innovations.

Story 4 – Mother Earth
A grounding story of colours literally created from the earth. We are re-learning to use the earth to create, build, decorate and heal.

Story 5 – Deep Water
“And as you stand by the ocean in the depths of winter, the shades of blue, grey, green and black shift and change at speed."

Story 6 – Out of Darkness
“For in winter we softly drop into stillness. Following nature’s call into deep reflection and slowness.”

Language: English
Issue frequency: 2 x Issue per year
Months of publication: 02/08