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View2 #29

VIEW2 # 29
Published 27 August 2020

Edition #29 was the last independent edition. The View2 has merged with The View Textile. From now on the content of the View2 will be embedded in the View, starting with edition #133, which will be published at the end of January 2021.


No matter where you are in the world, your year to date will have looked significantly different from what you had planned. Since our last issue, we’ve adapted to new ways of working, socialising, exercising, and travelling. Life has changed considerably from where we were just a few months ago.
In putting this issue together, we’ve spoken a lot about positivity and positive change, even while negative news dominated the headlines. For many, this period will have come as a reminder of the simpler pleasures in life, such as our homes, families and time spent outdoors. Acceleration has also become a key word, with many ideas predicted for further down the line, such as drone delivery services and on-demand manufacturing, propelled forwards due to demand during lockdown. ‘What Matters Now?’ on page 11 explores the key societal shifts, opportunities and innovations to focus on now, and in the coming months. Going forwards, there are many personal decisions for consumers to make, which collectively will have huge implications for the economy. At View Two, we are determined that this period of uncertainty and unrest and will be a catalyst for positive change, from environmental wellbeing to ethical standards and equality, on both local and global scales.


What Matters Now?

As we continue to face uncertainty, rethink how we make everyday decisions and consider how we as individuals and businesses can implement and support positive and tangible change, we highlight the new priorities and key concerns for consumers post-Covid.

Meet The Maker: WearYourMask
Diana Ejaita’s Berlin based brand WEARYOURMASK fuses elements of her West African and European roots to create cross-seasonal collections that are both steeped in tradition and distinctly modern.

Class of 2020

Selected by the View Two and BDA London teams, we’re delighted to share our graduate project highlights of 2020, chosen for their original or future-thinking concepts and striking design work.

Seasonal Themes A/W 21/22

Health, wellbeing and self-preservation are core themes that will only continue to grow in significance. Fabrics and garments that offer protective benefits such as antibacterial properties will be key. There are 5 stories:

Regenerate: science, nature and adapted home environments come together to influence a rework of core lounge and leisure looks in natural and technically enhanced fabrics.
Legacy: the respite that time spent outdoors can provide has grown in significance. Mindfulness is found in activities such as hiking, fishing and camping, while nostalgic items and simpler ways of living offer comfort.
Stimulus: the increasingly explored phygital dimension inspires a plush utilitarian lounge look that focuses on haptic tactility and visual stimulation.
Flex: as lifestyles shift and we develop and adapt to new routines, optimisation, performance and versatility become integral to looks that must balance home, work and play.
Preservation: self-preservation has never been so important as we fight to protect our health, wellbeing, communities and rights. Protection is paramount to survival.

Preview Spring/Summer 2022
Wellbeing and sustainability go hand-in-hand as a greater appreciation for crafts, and natural or repurposed materials, inspires themes centred on thoughtfulness and creativity.
Price per item = €55.14

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