• Viewpoint Design # 39
  • Viewpoint Design # 39
  • Viewpoint Design # 39
  • Viewpoint Design # 39

Viewpoint Design # 39

Reports and features on medium- and long-term developments of target groups,
future markets, product, design and sales strategies.

Deep going analysis of consumer behaviour, socio-economic developments,
cultural trends and lifestyle together with imaginative conclusions and proposals
for new product and marketing strategies.

An information complex and rich of orientations, for decision-makers in the fields
of textile, fashion, architecture, interior and industrial design as well as for the
primary industries, cosmetics, services, media and marketing.


  • Very informative and inspiring marketing tool

  • Well-researched, anticipatory, complex and attractively arranged features by internationally leading authors and market specialists

  • Future-oriented focal theme in every issue

  • Attractive and trendsetting layout and graphic design

  • Intersectoral perspectives on problems and solutions

  • Statistical verified facts about market developments and consumer behaviour

  • Bridging of tendencies in society, market and long-term design trends

  • References and sources.

 Months of publication: 05/11

Price per item = €83.18