• Pantone® View Colour Planner A/W 2021.2022
  • Pantone® View Colour Planner A/W 2021.2022
  • Pantone® View Colour Planner A/W 2021.2022
  • Pantone® View Colour Planner A/W 2021.2022
  • Pantone® View Colour Planner A/W 2021.2022

Pantone® View Colour Planner A/W 2021.2022


The age of reason has tried to relegate myths to the level of story-telling or fairy tales, they have once again found a new relevance in our lives today. Myths are pervasive in art and entertainment, from TV programmes like Game of Thrones to the recent spate of Marvel comic films.

Today, the legends of old are being readopted by people who look for spiritual support and other worldly tales to explain the vicissitudes of contemporary life. They tell very human narratives of life and death; heroes, heroines, victories and failures with (mostly) happy endings. Technology is replacing human control and myths are a counter to our society being overwhelmed by artificial intelligence, algorithms and big data.

In this colour card, the past is always present for us. But we also take a very inclusive and optimistic attitude towards the future where we believe new myths will be created reflecting humanity, and our ability to adapt to new circumstances. After all, hope is not a myth!


A technical range of off-whites and tropospheric blues are tinted by metal, infused with minerals and incorporated with air. Our need to explore has drawn us further and further away from the earth.

This is a timeless and ageless colour range based on medium tones that connect easily, silently and smoothly with more vital and expressive hues.


This is a bold and precious story described with three unique reds that are calmed and grounded with a neutral warm grey. They are totemic colours used to represent love, activism, daring and ritualistic energies.

A soft sage-like green plus three rich deep darks: these winter hues take their inspiration from the natural world and are heavy with mystery and potency.

Neither technical nor casual, this range of dry-touch synthetics has its roots in nature, but their shades have been shifted into a more artificial, fantastical area.

Growing, living greens gather their strength. They are guardians against climate change, which, today, is the most naturally salient directive for all creative thinkers.

Combative, signal colours that defend their position and protect their symbology: honest, simple and inclusive flags that celebrate transversality and plurality.

This transitional story re-presents a continuation of our interest in browns. Here we see the range refined and shimmered with a gilded, soft ore accent and enriched with a rich purpling mattness.

Cross-sector color forecast with color cards and inspiration for fashion (DOB, HAKA, Sports + Active), interior, cosmetics and product design.


- Internationally introduced and successful color prediction with reliable and market-related trend topics
- Early release date: available 18 months before the season
- Rich picture material with inspiration for moods, materials, structures and patterns
- 8 color themes with a total of more than 50 colors and suggestions for typical areas of application and color combinations
- Careful and descriptive commentary on the topics using texts and key terms
- Complex view of color trends in the context of lifestyle and zeitgeist
- User-friendly presentation of colors, color combinations and design inspiration
- Extra set of removable original Pantone® color samples 11 x 2.5 cm (doubled) of all colors used in the themes
- Overview of all topics in poster format
- Ring binder with removable single pages
- USB stick with the photos contained in the topics of the book (.jpg format).

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