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Els van Niekerk (Oltmans van Niekerk) 

Oltmans van Niekerk is a global research and innovation agency that helps companies identify opportunities in today's fast changing world. Oltmans van Niekerk studies, interprets and presents the political, economic, social and technological developments which influence people and their values, their environments, new products and they way businesses work.

Els van Niekerk has a curious mind, she analyzes what is happening in the world and why. During Oltmans van Niekerk’s client innovation processes, Els thinks independently and disruptive to bring new insights. She believes in the individual power of each person and in collaboration. Els is an initiator, she is alert and anticipates opportunities, new situations or problems.


Christine Boland is a trendwatcher/trendanalist firstly with a background in psychology and fashion. She prefers trendanalist to trend watcher; analist is a better description because it has more of an active role. Christine as a speaker gives lectures and presentations in the Netherlands and abroad and is seen by many as an inspirational speaker, or even more as an inspirator. She makes her listeners think with surprising angles of approach. She also gives advice in a consultancy role to companies and social organizations. 

Trend presentations of Christine Boland are clear, surprising and convincing.

Management, styling, purchase and sales, she knows how to broaden views and stimulate imagination from top down.


Lidewij Edelkoort is one of the world’s most famous trend forecasters. As an intuitive thinker who travels the world studying the evolution of socio-cultural trends before sharing this information with her clients in industries as diverse as fashion, textiles, interiors, cars, cosmetics, retail and food. Under her Paris-based company Trend Union, Edelkoort creates trend books two or more years ahead that are tools used by strategists, designers and marketeers at international brands.