• Style Right Womenswear AW 23/24
  • Style Right Womenswear AW 23/24
  • Style Right Womenswear AW 23/24
  • Style Right Womenswear AW 23/24

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Style Right Womenswear AW 23/24


STYLE RIGHT this season A/W 23/24 Women’s editions explores 8 different themes for the womenswear market.

Retreat embraces the freedoms and relaxation found in nature and encourages aspirational escapism to the mountains as we emerge from our post pandemic reality. Explore the great outdoors whilst remembering our mantra;’ leave it as you found it’. Cabins tucked in the woods provide a haven whether staying indoors or venturing out. Graphics have a vintage feel that reflects the aesthetic of an 1970’s camp-site. Patterns inspired by Pendleton blankets, conversational camos, plaids and fair-isles provide cozy layering pieces. Colours are lively and upbeat with red and orange linings complimenting forest green and navy bases. 

54th Street see a return to glamour and sparkle as festive gatherings and parties are once again held. Drawing inspiration from the disco scene of the 70’s in New York City, this story encourages bold maximalism looks and a bohemian spirit. Graphics and repeat prints feature a distinct seventies aesthetic, with geometric florals and bubble style typography. Pattern layering combining blousey flowers and animal prints feeds into the maximalist look. Glitter and metallic leathers showcase glamour of this iconic era. Colours are honed to reflect that 70’s vibe, with warm burnt oranges, teak and golden tones, mixed with retro purples and lilacs bring florals to a fresh new level. 

Abode evokes a feeling of hygge taking inspiration from homestead styling and wild Prairie landscapes. Treasured heirlooms, home crafts and folk florals kindle warmth and history creating a sense of kinship. Graphics have a hand rendered and crafted feel combining watercolour techniques with collage patchwork formations. Mindful slogans add warmth to placement designs helping us to find a positive connection to ourselves in an ever-changing world. Embroidery details are key, in the form of pretty Prairie flora and fauna. Patchwork patterns adorn denim garments and boarder prints create an authentic, folky look. 

Euphoric story provides us with sensory overload, delivering escapism from the stressful and anxious times we have experienced over the last few years. 90’s nostalgia, psychedelic patterns and a heavy dose of kid-core generates a childlike and smile inducing optimism. This trend is about never growing up and graphics reflect this carefree attitude with retro cartoon characters and tongue-in-cheek slogans creating a statement for bold individuals. Inspired by 90’s acid house culture, a new take on the classic smiley face and hypnotic style patternation lifts us up. Outsized dressing features puffa coats, knitted tops and baggy tees, forming a cocoon of happiness. 

Sundown As the sky dims and the night takes over, the neon paradise is brought to life, it’s time to let loose and lift your spirits for a show stopping night on the town. With the hopeful return of normal life what perfect excuse to wear some sparkle and get a little more glam than usual. This trend oozes elegance and sophistication with a Rock N Roll heart. Colours are deep and moody with bright pops of hot pink and turquoise emulating neon illuminations. Graphics are inspired by downtown LA street culture, art, music and night-life. A perfect story for the night-owl with a tale to tell. 

Academy draws upon the nostalgia of college life, bringing together team spirit, after school club culture and varsity appeal. A contemporary twist on vintage varsity garments keeps this story looking fresh and quirky. Graphics combine motivational slogans with athletic imagery and campus lifestyle motifs, bringing the experience back to life. Time spent with friends socialising, grabbing a bite to eat from fast food outlets and being part of team sports brings back a welcome familiarity in these uncertain times. A fresh take on varsity prints and college culture adds athleisure appeal, mixing vintage varsity tones with a warm pop of blush pink. 

Perception paves the way for the new age punk era where art is used as a form of self expression and activism, as creative movements rebel against the powers that be. Graphics are very conceptual, allowing difficult issues to be portrayed in a new, thought provoking light. Expressing differing angles for a holistic approach. Mirror world issues are explored and third eye wisdoms offer perception and intuition beyond normal sight. Patterns are a range of conversationals, geometrics and fluid designs revealing different states of mind. Colours are soft and muted featuring a range of tonal hues which harmonize together. 

Underwood In the enchanting depths of the forest a new moon ceremony is taking place, nurturing the relationship between nature and spiritual significance. We focus on Biophilia philosophy and the growing empathy towards life around us and the ecological crisis of flora and fauna. We search for a life beyond the realm of reality and to seek for the spiritual meaning in mineralogy, witchcraft and astrology. Prints and graphics show hyperrealstic florals and wild animal prints, spell books and spellbinding mysterious artefacts.


• Royalty free prints and graphics for commercial use on all type of products
• Commercial trend stories and each of these includes trend colour palettes
• Trend directions with collection of themed imagery
• Print and graphic collections created and based on the trend stories of the season
• All editable, prints, graphics and shapes for babywear in vector formats
• Applicable for Fashion and textile, decoration, gifts, stationary…

SRW | A/W 23/24

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