• A+A Attitude - Women Fabrics & Colors A/W2021.2022
  • A+A Attitude - Women Fabrics & Colors A/W2021.2022
  • A+A Attitude - Women Fabrics & Colors A/W2021.2022
  • A+A Attitude - Women Fabrics & Colors A/W2021.2022

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A+A Attitude - Women Fabrics & Colors A/W2021.2022

New Classicism
The best mix is Fashion Authenticity & Vintage uniqueness. The desire and pleasure fo beautiful clothes. The continued interest in vintage boutiques is still strong. In fact, some vintage shops are increasingly helping to steer the trends you see on the runways. The longing for a nostalgic feeling or the pleasure in treasure-hunting is part of this new classicism.

Back in Town.
Keywords: A new bourgeois, eternal classics, New York City style, 70's wall street, power dressing, effortlessly chic, comfort and elegance
Key Colors: warm neutrals, champagne white, brown & dark brown,
Key Silhouettes: trench coats, silk blouse & foulards, tailleur/suits, maxi jackets, chunky knits
Materials: bi-color approach like denim-leather, twill wool fabric, shiny satins& silks, checks

Invest in Quality and Long-Lasting goods
The need for essential pieces that will never go out of style. Open to paying more for quality in style, design, and fabric not only for the investment but also for the environment. Add a story to the materials, communicate the quality and exquisiteness of the fabrics in order to justify the price. The research for clean, efficient, comfortable, balanced and modern shapes is key in making a garment timeless and without seasonality, especially for pieces such as trench-coats and coats, tailored suits as well as shoes and bags.

Take Off
Keywords: minimalist, comfort lux, environmentally friendly, unisex travel clothes, classic but casual, curated & discreet, elegant sportswear
Key Colors : soft pastels, cold colors, a touch of turquoise, magic wood
Key Silhouettes: simple straight silhouettes, parka coat, pencil skirts and skirts, trench coat.
Materials: premium quality materials, stonewashed denim, ribbed knitwear, suede & wool checks.

New Seduction
A new way to approach femininity with a strong yet sensual silhouette. Matching and pairing sensual and fluid fabrics to more stiff materials. A silhouette made of noticeable contrasts between fluid and strict, loose and structured.

New Juliette
Keywords: Strong, independent & feminine, bold attitude, contrast of volumes & materials, sporty luxe detail, sophisticated accessories, iridescent beauty.
Key Colors : copper & gold, shades of pink & plum purple, grey
Key Silhouettes: relaxed fit & high heels, classic suit reinterpreted, bomber jackets
Materials: fluid jersey, fak-fur & leather, heavy satin, iridescent and shiny surfaces,

Rich & Rag
Creative Up-cycling, a real commitment to environmental issues. Awareness of consumption drives the need to re-use fabric waste or unsold clothes. Find new ways of creating garments with already existing materials. Pieces maintain traces of time through unrefined, worn-out or re-used fabrics, giving them more of a soul and making them less industrial. The research of a unique piece as if it was created only for you.

Protest Song
Keywords: Street/urban influence, up-cycling & re-using, military details, worn out distressed look, Charlie Chaplin inspired, stitched & re-stitched, fabric excess
Key Colors : slightly gloomy deep colors, dusty grey, fig & mauve, dusty leather
Key Silhouettes: mid-skirt & extra-long pants, knickerbocker pants, loafers, stitched jackets,
Materials: sportswear and felted surfaces, raw hems & cuts, mix & match knits and wools, silky jersey, seersucker & checks

Not Guilty
Create a new identity from a melting-pot of cultures, obtained not by "steeling" or copying folkloric motifs from cultural communities and indigenous traditions but by being inspired by their creative geniuses and mixing them together with different styles. Honor, collaborate and participate in the creation of a new decorative language full of style and rich of inclusivity.

Urban Trail
Keywords: Neo-bohemian attitude, nomadic roots, free spirit, savvy gypsy soul, mix& matching, urban gitana
Key Colors : warm colors, Bosco green, Scottish orange, Ashes of Rose, Intellectual blue.
Key Silhouettes: chunky knitwear, slouchy denim, boots, aviator jackets with wide shoulders, long skirts, scarfs
Materials: shiny damask & brocade, patched denim, leather & suede, fake fur, fantasy yarns

Retro 80's
The 80's, a symbol of creativity, inventiveness and a new fashion allure. Icons forever, models of those time,s photographers, music bands, artists, they all remain an infinite source of inspiration for shapes, colors, and materials.

Great 80's:
Keywords: 80's silhouettes, sport vintage & couture, sophisticated bold sexiness, feminine vs masculine, sleek boldness, skully inspiration
Key Colors : deep colors, teal, dark purple & mustard, intense green and burgundy
Key Silhouettes: bon ton chic, drape dresses, trenchcoats, 70's inspired boxy jacket, polished longette skirts, maxi scarfs, monochrome suits
Materials: knitwear & technical stretch fabrics, leather, rubber, PVC, boucle' fabrics.

Colors, Colors, Colors
Designers are moving towards big silhouettes and bold colors with bright, ultra-bright and tonic colors. Opt for an ultra-bright monochromatic total look, from head to toe. Dye your head pink, wear dazzling checks and yellow shiny shoes. This is just an example of how to dare with colors!

Chrome Zone
Keywords: All about color, color as a statement, sophisticated self-expression, fun & confident, monochrome outfits, maxi shapes
Key Colors : Fuchsia, Blue, bright yellow, strong red, zip green.
Key Silhouettes: graphic silhouettes, modern/puffy anoraks, drapes/puffy blouses, boucle' or teddybear coats, classic tailored skirt/pant-suit
Materials: satin, silk, fake-furs, moirè fabrics, leathers, optical wools.

Hardcover, 33,5 x 35 cm, 102 pages, text: English/Italian

Structured in 6 stories with a general palette of 42 colors, codified in PANTONE® and SCOTDIC®, this title includes more than 130 sample useful for the creation of pre-collections of womenswear.

Issue frequency: 2 issues per year
Months of publication: 01/07
Price per item = €1,900.00

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