• A+A Life in Color A/W 2020/2021
  • A+A Life in Color A/W 2020/2021
  • A+A Life in Color A/W 2020/2021

A+A Life in Color A/W 2020/2021


This book was created to express the way colour enriches and elevates our lives. It was created with a global point of view, to address changing attitudes of women (as well as men), the way they see themselves and the way they are seen. Life in colour incorporates fashion, beauty, interiors - everything we touch that stirs emotion through colour. It is a universal book, gender-fluid and timeless in its approach. The idea is not to be trendy, but to capture the moment, the zeitgeist, the shifts in culture that influence our consumers today. 


  • 8 rich illustrated and inspirational stories with color proposals

  • Each topic with Color ranges of yarns, fabric swatches and plastic chips as working tool

  • Colors are identified by A + A IDs and additionally with Cross reference lists for Pantone®, Scotdic® and Clariant® numbers.

Ringbinder, 37 x 30 cm, 125 pages
Country of origin: Italy
Language: English, Italian

2 issues a year 




COLOUR bestows our surroundings and our wardrobe with texture and beauty, but more importantly, our ability to distinguish colour is key to who we are. Human's unique ability to distinguish the subtle nuances of colour allows us to create an emotion but also to detect emotion in each others. In all of nature, colour is a signal, a communication, a language of its own. This LIFE IN COLOUR takes a universal approach to seasonal palettes, where interiors, apparel, objects, electronics, cosmetics and packaging are all part of an aesthetic continuum. Nothing stands alone in this new design-driven macrocosm, each thing is related to the other, just like we humans are connected to each other, to nature, and to the products that inspire our desire. 


KEY THEMES OF THE SEASON: (all themes transpire a sense of romanticism. Also each theme is accompanied by a specific metal) 

MILK WOOD.:The juxtaposition between something soft and smooth ( milk ) and something hard and rough ( wood). Our season starts with a range of whites to give a sense of new minimalism with a textured edge. Beige is now less boring, its warmer ,creamer and mixed with a range of  bleached colours. Milky wood's creamy tones gives products a clean modernist look. The mix of tints gives dimension to white-on-white. Hammered metals & imperfect surfaces provide emotional appeal. Play with curved against straight, or fluffy against smooth. 

KEY WORDS: Suede surfaces, bleached wood, pure & organic, soft & cuddly METAL: Silver


BITTER SWEET:  A palette of hues celebrating orange, from deep terracotta's to golden persimmon and peach mixed with petal pink. These new gingers are not meant to be sporty/active but are more artful and romantic. Inspired by the paintings of Klimt and (Hilda af Klint- female artist who produced strikingly original paintings just after the turn other century but was not recognised at the time for her innovative art) - now exhibiting at the Guggenheim museum NY) . Again another play of juxtaposition as the hues can create either an earthy appeal or a more worldly one as well as a cosy or a glamorous one. Mid century aesthetics is great for accessories, fabrics and cosmetics. 

KEY WORDS: Mid-century glamour, velvet & tapestry, vitality.  METAL: Bright gold


OLIVE BRANCH: A continuation of last seasons JUNGLOW theme with its lush greens moving now towards more neutral tones. Imagine faded military uniforms or the colours of olives in nature. Green seems to be still very strong. The greenish tones are now becoming more romantic and softer especially mixed with the pinkish tones. Golden olive oil  colours for rick brocades 6 mohair velvets gives a sumptuous feel to modern times. These faded hues gives as sense of serenity and tranquillity 

KEY WORDS: Misty & hazy, cosy classics, peaceful peacock , balance  METAL: bronze


MARCHE' aux PUCES: This themes is the evolution of the Brooklyn Bloomsbury from last season but more sophisticated. Explore the tints and fabrics as well as the objects found in flee or antique markets. A "BOBO" influence (Bohemian-Bourgouis) with its colourful mixes of chalky pastels and vintage mid tones and spectacular fabrics for an eclectic aesthetic. A renewed appreciation for styles from the past spurs the current yearning for antique filled interiors, decorative ornaments like tassel and pearl trimmings, and over-scaled arabesque motifs. 

KEY WORDS: Found objects, romantic nostalgia, Haute Bohemia METAL: Antique Gold


WITCHES BROOM: Inspired by the Autumn tangled branches, with entangled twigs like a spider web, that capture the falling leaves. The warm golds, browns and delicate purples, conjure this seasons' dried leaves, herbs and botanical flowers. Also consider the celebration of the camels & tans that are key building blocks for interior, objects beauty & apparel incorporating also a touch of 70's inpsiration. Geometric patterns add offbeat energy to these honeyed tones. 

KEY WORDS: Amber, dry harvest, subtle shine, herbal remedies METAL: Dark Gold


MOON GLOW: Moving towards a more mystical mood by introducing deep blues and purples highlighted by a brilliant yellow. In this palette, The "blue" moves away from the safe and classic colour reputation and becomes more sensuous and seductive. Intense darks work well for velvets and satins but also for active wear tech fabrics thanks to the touch of yellow. Sequins, crystals and sparking effects help create light and depth and are right for day and night. 

KEY WORDS: Evening sky, Mystical mood, reflective surfaces, lunar light.   METAL:Titanium


THE FOUNDRY: Celebrating a range of colours that gives a more industrial edge to homes and objects. Red tones, conjure bricks or iron oxide, and are juxtaposed with cement greys. These industrial pigments lend themselves to architectural shapes in burnished or ombre' finishes. Minimal lofty interiors, copper fixtures, cool cements and rusty siennas work together to create that opposite play : warm & cold, curved and straight, rough & smooth.  

KEY WORDS: Oxidised, monumental, constructivist art, Luxury cement  METAL: Copper


ALCHEMY: Inspired by the "coffee & cocktail culture" thanks to the globalised palettes and influencers of the millennial generation (check out SPEAKEASY NY - coffee by day and cocktail by nigh club) A new trend going strong where the interiors are a mix of Victorian alchemy. Charcoal greys, deep wines, and coffee bean browns creating a feeling of antique rather then retro. A sort of private club and mad scientist laboratory with modern elements like mid century fixture or sculptural table base in contrast with gold touches and frames to waxed leather and other noble yet elegant yet edgy interiors. 

KEY WORDS: Magic, local baristas, Antique spirit, dark luxury METAL: Antique gold

Price per item = €1,900.00

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