• A+A Lady Like - Women S/S2021
  • A+A Lady Like - Women S/S2021

A+A Lady Like - Women S/S2021

A very strong and bold message from the editor this season. Here it is:

"We believe more and more in a fashion industry that values planet, people, creativity and profit in equal measure. Positive change starts with TRANSPARENCY, TRACEABILITY, and OPENNESS as the fashion industry is suffering from rising trust deficit by its consumers especially the younger generations who almost always do their research for background info before buying. Today, the expectations and demands are high as they affect the entire value chain and the increased scrutiny includes creative integrity, sustainable supply chains, value for money, treatment of workers, data protection authenticity and diversity. This is why this season's themes try as much as possible to focus on tradition, natural materials, imperfections, reusable denim, cultures, inclusivity, sustainability and many inspiring colors and vitality deriving from nature's fruits, vegetables & flowers, bees & butterflies"


a mix of sustainable, raw fabrics and prints coming from different African cultures full of creativity and artistic know-how. Playing with color contrasts between light and dark shades and with accepts of color. For the vibrant patterns and tribal motifs inspired by:
• ANKARA PRINT & DUTCH WAX made of 100% cotton ( The wax prints are part of a nonverbal way of communication among African women, and hereby they carry their message out into the world. Some wax prints can be named after personalities, cities, building, sayings or occasions- Wikipedia) )
• BOGOLAN cloth hand made with Malian cotton and dyed with fermented mud as well as other African prints with its symbols and urban monochrome revisitation. ( In Mali, the cloth is worn by people of all ethnicities, including prominently in Malian cinema and by Malian musicians, either as an expression of national or ethnic identity or as a fashion statement. (boubous).[1]The Malian fashion designer Chris Seydou has been credited with popularizing bògòlanfini in international fashion.[1]- Wikipedia)
The Wabi-Sabi approach is the key element for our tone on tone grey theme with many different suggestions for elegant garments in natural cotton or linens but with the pleasure of imperfection.
WABI-SABI definition: Japanese term that means essentially finding beauty in imperfection. Wabi refers to living with humility and simplicity while being at one with nature and Sabi is defined as the ability to accept the lifecycle of anything as it is with all its flaws. ( Wikipedia )
3 shades of blue recommended for this theme. Always with a strong focus on denim and its recyclability and reusability. Patchwork, cutting and remodeling, creating new effects, textures, applications etc. are all part of this reusable world. Sustainability in the Denim production process and beyond is a big issue today. There are many contrasting views about its impact on the environment, but solutions are being found in making this material more eco-friendly and new brands are bringing to the market a more eco-conscious fabric with a lot of innovative ideas, from cotton alternatives ( lyocell, Tencell, rayon) to new washing technologies ( ozone washing and foam coating), dying innovations ( nitrogen dying, less indigo or even bacteria dyeing) sustainable factors, working conditions and wages, the changes are many.

White has always been considered an elegant color. Playing with hues of white and some very delicate pastels will make your outfit even more classy. In terms of fabric, why not apply pleats or light, airy, fluid draping to create a setting right out of a fairy tale or classic movie. This look was introduced by the ancient Greeks and later followed by the Romans, consisting of simple, rectangular cloths, woven in varying lengths according to its intended use and worn by both sexes. Today we are still inspired by this historical elegance finding many different variations for a more modern touch. Another idea is inspired by the Japanese style of origami, in order to create three-dimensional sculptural forms through quilting and pleating, creating a very contemporary style for fashion, accessories, and design.

This colorless trend that was the strength and success of past decades has been walking the streets style scene and shows for a very long time. This minimalist combo has made for quite a dynamic duo in both items and entire outfits alike, not to mention the world of interior design. We have presented in both or SS 21 Concept and LIC book the new basics are turning towards ( BLUE & RED), but we also see that B+W will never go out of style. In this theme, we take you on a very quick journey of B+W from optical-pop in the '60s to today's' interpretation of B&W but mixed with accents and suggestions of red and yellow.

Here, red is the main character of this theme and we offer some suggestions on how to interpret it in terms of style and prints. Again inspired by the '60s, red is coupled with white, giving it a fun and decorative appeal.

Inspired by Carmen Miranda who was a Portughese-born Brazilian samba singer, dancer, and actress popular from the 1930-1950s. This Brazilian bombshell is noted for her signature fruit hat outfit worn in American films. Colorful fruit-based suggestions for print and patterns.
Again, inspired by the decades going from the mid-'60s to the '80s with lots of funny, bright colors. From Twiggy and her colorful graphic outfits, through the 70's with the matchy-matchy hippy style for a little bad taste and a splash of "pizzazz"; into the '80s color-blocking (exploration of taking colors that are opposites on the color wheel and pairing them together to make the combinations interesting) with the "rubrics cube" that very few of us were probably able to complete! ; and finally, the rainbow flag is also known as the "equality flag" where Inclusivity, equality, and diversity are being celebrated, a symbol of the very strong social movement that is part of society today. Proud to be you!

EDED- Earth day every day
Celebrating nature through flowers and their delicate hues from rose pink, to soft purple to accents of brown and green, Roses, Hydrangeas, Iris as well as butterflies are all suggestions for delicate prints.
Price per item = €1,900.00