• Trend Union Colours AW 23/24 | PIGMENT PROPHECIES
  • Trend Union Colours AW 23/24 | PIGMENT PROPHECIES
  • Trend Union Colours AW 23/24 | PIGMENT PROPHECIES

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Trend Union Colours AW 23/24 | PIGMENT PROPHECIES

Trends & Colors A/W 23/24

For those who choose to dress in orange, yellow or brown today, maybe with a touch of black, it is eerie to reflect on the origin of those warm and lively colours. One feels directly connected to ancestors that lived approximately four hundred thousand years ago, before modern humans even existed. Now we are well into the 21st century, biding our time during the end of life as we know it. The progress made over past centuries has taken its toll and emptied the earth, impoverished our soil and destroyed our forests, preventing new generations to flourish unless a consensus on circular living can be made; which, at this point, seems unlikely. This demands new substances and pigments to work with, made from renewable resources and creative recycled solutions. Our own colour can be coveted as a source of beauty and melanin is a substance to reckon with for the future, as are natural resources such as mushrooms and algae, crustaceans and food residues. Colour comes close to clothe us.

Studying archaeology and pigments can inspire us to make progress and write new scenarios for fashion’s future. Therefore technology will work on even newer materials that will colour our robots, garments and inspire innovation; with pigments that heal and reach out to the human race, in its race against the clock. These almost alive substances are imbedded with information and will create emotional alliances with our customers, where clothes become vehicles for learning and self-expression. Making us an intrinsic part of a brave new world.

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