• Trendhouse - Casualwear & Athleisure A/W 2022-2023
  • Trendhouse - Casualwear & Athleisure A/W 2022-2023
  • Trendhouse - Casualwear & Athleisure A/W 2022-2023
  • Trendhouse - Casualwear & Athleisure A/W 2022-2023

Trendhouse - Casualwear & Athleisure A/W 2022-2023


The Trendhouse team has conducted in-depth consumer, cultural, design and colour research to inform directions across the casual and athleisure markets for autumn winter 2022/2023. The five themes – Natural Rhythms, Tomorrow’s World, Wide Open, City Unlimited, and The Message – explore the fundamental aspects and trend evolutions of the relaxed leisure wardrobe for the season ahead, each connected by the three big ideas for the season – Home Retreat, Self-sufficiency, and Radical Change.

Natural Rhythms
This observes how we are re-discovering the benefits of living in tune with the rhythms of nature, whether seasonal shifts or internal clocks. We are listening more closely to the needs of our bodies, and our surroundings. Engaging with the elements, sun baked earthen tones, wood grain textures, and botanical prints come together to create an easy and effortless aesthetic. Relaxed comfort is central to the theme, with loungewear pieces blended with cocooning casual silhouettes.

Tomorrow’s World
This bears witness to a collaboration between humans and technology to create a better world. The global pandemic has prompted accelerated responses to health, wellbeing, and environmental concerns. This performance driven theme takes inspiration from these accelerated innovations, with nature and technology coming together in body-con activewear designs and technical layers that marry environmentally inspired textures and prints with hi-tech fabrics, details, and fits. The palette features contrasting pairings of technical darks, crisp pastels, copper, and buff.

Wide Open
Outdoor sports are being shifted towards greater inclusivity by grassroots groups, while new fitness spaces offer support and celebration. Wide Open offers a contemporary take on a heritage outdoors aesthetic, blending positive and hopeful tones of green, henna red, and rich browns with powerful prints and tactile textures. Functionality, comfort, and inclusivity are at the heart of this theme, where a genderless approach is key.

City Unlimited
City living is being reimagined to create environments that build community and boost wellbeing. City Living taps into a new urban aesthetic, blending smartened and technical leisure looks with cutting edge sustainability to generate practical and dynamic solutions. Versatility and adaptability are key, with products offering multiple ways to wear, while modular elements, including detachable face and hand coverings, are more relevant than ever. Brutalist inspired prints and sharp colour block details add flashes of cyan, red, and hi-vis yellow to a concrete grey-based palette.

The Message
Here, we explore new ways of communicating and interacting through a youthful aesthetic that allows individuals to express themselves authentically. The importance of touch, physical connection and battling loneliness is inspiring innovative products that speakour truth or stimulate discussion. Hidden or intellectual messaging comes through on established casual, leisure and denim silhouettes. A foundational palette plays
with strong tonal pairings of blues, reds and pinks, while warm apricot adds a positive highlight.
For autumn winter 2022/2023, each of the five unique themes provide specific directions for the casual and athleisure lifestyle sectors, but combined, they give a comprehensive view of consumer’s evolving lives. Dig into our wide-ranging global research to inspire and inform your season.

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