• WeAr - a Fashion Workbook #66
  • WeAr - a Fashion Workbook #66
  • WeAr - a Fashion Workbook #66
  • WeAr - a Fashion Workbook #66

WeAr - a Fashion Workbook #66

WeAr Global Magazine
Issue 66
Couture meets leisurewear
WeAr is the seamless symbiosis of art and fashion. We hone in on visual inspirations and impressive design and fashion architecture, instead of long-winded texts. We thrive on sartorial facts instead of personal opinion. WeAr Global Magazine presents readers with the most interesting collections, stores and retail market news worldwide. WeAr is a quarterly magazine and is printed globally four times a year. Editorial content includes fashion, shoes and luxury accessories from the high-end and exclusive fashion sector. This issue particularly contains a sustainability and a denim special.

WeAr editorial mainstay
Shop and trend reports from major cities and trade fairs around the world, supplemented with news, research, contacts, interviews, business talk and insider tips. Focused on the very best in fashion and retail worldwide.

What WeAr covers
1. Relevant stores, showrooms, display windows, interior furnishing, product representation.
2. Lookbooks, runway photos and the latest from the most important trade fairs in the world.
3. Trend reports from major cities worldwide, people, stores, street style and life style.
4. Photos of global collections and trends.
5. Reports on new technologies, store improvements and all that’s new and good to know for any retailer to improve business.

WeAr Global Magazine: art and the zeitgeist.

The visual information is clear, accessible, vivid and above all, professional. Readers are provided with insider information on top collections. WeAr provides up-to-the-minute coverage on turnover and information to help improve retail business.

WeAr is printed in 8 languages!
WeAr Global Magazine shares its exclusive retail coverage in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Mandarin, Japanese, Russian. Each language is represented by a separate magazine issue.

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