• A+A Attitude- Women Fabrics & Colors S/S2021
  • A+A Attitude- Women Fabrics & Colors S/S2021
  • A+A Attitude- Women Fabrics & Colors S/S2021
  • A+A Attitude- Women Fabrics & Colors S/S2021

A+A Attitude- Women Fabrics & Colors S/S2021

This season A+A DesignStudio would like to focus on the different facets of today's woman, taking into consideration her attitude and lifestyle and integrating it with our colors, materials & prints, and silhouettes. This is why they have chosen the following key drivers and themes:

• Independent: This woman embraces herself and what she stands for and what she chooses to wear. Her style is genderless, inspired by what she likes and mixing it all together for a bold, strong and powerful personality. The aesthetics are concentrated on bold contrasts of both materials and colors, privileging the neutrals but adding also a touch of gold. We take the best from the Greek/Roman Empire converting it into something modern and contemporary.
Colors: black & white, brown & cream with a touch of gold.
Materials: rope, leather, metallic details, raw fabrics, rigid fabrics combined with super light materials like jersey, silk.
Prints: ancient myths and symbols.
Silhouettes: cropped jackets with raw cut, oversized pants, silk/satin petticoat.

• Friendly: An eco-friendly attitude towards our planet, the environment, the people and a certain lifestyle which privileges natural fibers, natural resources, avoiding plastic or at least focusing on recycled plastic and other innovative materials. A sort of “health freak” from her choice in food to her organic/eco-environment.
Colors: delavè greens to acid touches of yellow and earthy colors.
Materials: wrinkled fabrics in natural fibers, recycled patch denim, raw silk and linen, no waste zone DIY materials.
Prints: more plains than prints but keep in mind organic stripes, vertical or horizontal, micro-patterns, nature-inspired prints.
Silhouettes: jumpsuits long or short, bell-shaped frill dresses, lab coats, and long dress-shirts.

• Joyful: Facing every day with a positive almost naïf attitude given today's difficult global geopolitical crisis and taking time out from a stressful lifestyle. A fun and positive approach to life, still inspired by our past heroes and childhood memories. Also inspired by young celebrities and social media influencers. Fun prints, bright colors, DIY embroideries of one's favorite movie or face keeping alive their regressive attitude. The suite becomes, sexy, and comfortable thanks to matching sneakers or comfy shoes.
Colors: warm brights and pastel pinks, color blocks, sandy neutrals, don't forget the orange!
Materials: pique fabrics and technical knitwear, denim, cotton, and lightweight fabrics.
Prints: micro-geometries from sports influence, floral prints, illustrations and naïf prints.
Silhouettes: maxi t-shirts worn as short dresses, jeans & belly-out tops, short dresses, high wasted mini-skirts.

• Minimalist: Classy, sober and with an elegant attitude. A woman that knows her femininity but does not need to flaunt it. Super light shades of color and sophisticated fine fabrics and materials selected with attention to last a lifetime. it's about quality and not quantity as well as comfort and functionality. From home-wear to work-wear, pure simple lines for a fluid outfit.
Colors: hues of light blue combined with shades of peachy orange.
Materials: Contrast between soft /airy with stiff/structured fabrics, shiny, fluid fabrics also transparent materials that can be either slightly wrinkled or pleated.
Prints: marble or stone washed effects, geometric or kaleidoscope prints in 2 tones, small stripes or just plains.
Silhouettes: working shirt, cropped jacket or jerkin, jumpsuit revisited, long dresses in light fabrics, some washed denim.

• Socialite: Jump into the life of a Diva, It’s all about being able to mix and look chic; rich and bold colors, maxi floral prints, maxi accessories and materials that are selected in vintage and exclusive boutiques around the world. A compulsive collector of objects and accessories from around the world, ethnic, eccentric and excessive. The more the merrier, all mixed in a cocktail of tropical holiday vibe and perfect VIP settings. The fusion of style and tradition, cosmopolitan folk and cultural mash-up.
Colors: deep bright colors in shades of green, red and blues and a touch of beige.
Materials: jewelry and accessories, beads, fringes, metallic and other details, elegant silks, cotton/viscose
Prints: batik, block wax prints, florals, a mix of stripes, vintage and micro flower prints, foulards prints or just plains.
Silhouettes: Kimonos long or knee length, still in style, hybrids between pants and skirts in bold colors with matching shirt or vintage tee, ethnic skirts long or knee high. foulards/ ethnic hats from the middle eastern countries and other traditional blouses and accessories.

• Divine: Escaping, discovering, living the essence of life. Enjoying what mother earth offers from the starry nights and the glowing moon to the ripples of the waves on a sandy beach tropical beach embracing the energy, bring out the best in her. A superwoman, a bond girl a mermaid or a fairy as long as she can shine and be divine. She is provocative and untamable, out fo reach, hyper-feminine.
Colors: from pinky to orange-red, from nighttime blue to moonlight purple, a touch of matt silver-grey or silver iridescence and some gold.
Materials: materials are pearly, shiny, glittery, shimmering, mini and maxi sequins to make it precious and alluring. Double-face fabrics between shiny and matt, focus on waterproof slippery and smooth fabrics like silk in dark night-blue or black.
Prints: shiny 70-'80's flower prints with iridescent effects, abstract prints with glimmering effects, or sequins, matt or just plain.
Silhouettes: (80's shoulders still bringing elegance to evening mid-length dresses, glossy sleeveless or one sleeve tops with matching baggy or fitted pants. sexy slim fitted dresses, pleated dresses either mini, mid or long with a mix of different fabrics to create movement.

Hardcover, 33,5 x 35 cm, 102 pages, text: English/Italian

Structured in 6 stories with a general palette of 42 colors, codified in PANTONE® and SCOTDIC®, this title includes more than 130 sample useful for the creation of pre-collections of womenswear.

Issue frequency: 2 issues per year
Months of publication: 01/07
Prijs per item = € 1.900,00

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