• A+A Concept | Color Trends 24.1

A+A Concept | Color Trends 24.1

A clear, concise, cross-industry reference of the season's colors and trends. It includes: key directions and themes of the season through, key words, color harmonies and inspirational imagery. The Colors are presented in 3 formats: woven fabric swatches, cotton yarns and plastic samples.


We believe there is still a very strong influence from the macro  retro-futuristic trend that has been and will continue to be a very strong driver in many industries impacting every corner of the world  from culture to media, from art to design, from technology and fashion.

The acceleration of emerging technologies  and scientific achievements will continue to change the way we move, eat, heal and live. There is a desire to regain posession of the present, of the here and now and of a new creative heritage.  Innovative technologies and synthetic creativity will reshape how we perceive reality merging digital and physical experiences that will put them on an equal foreground.

The concept of home will become about where you want to be with a growing focus on shared and local experiences , re-discovering our surroundings and finding new meaning and appreciation for the simple things in our everyday life.

Sustainability and inclusivity are still at the forefront of business strategies and consumer demands in search of a better and more unified future. Even more today, their is a growing need for safety  and a sense of security across industries beginning in the work place, and moving across the travel and health sectors, as well in this digitalized world. 

Lastly, we chose Latin words to represent our key trends.  Latin is the origin of many languages, to remind us of where we come from, to free ourselves of cultural differences that have influenced the modern era.