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A+A Femme | The Woman Kind 24.1



This season is all about the push-pull between reality and fantasy, sustainability and luxury, individuality and community. To speak to those dichotomies, design for clothes, interiors, home goods, cosmetics and packaging must engage the senses while responding to cultural movements and aligning with current consumer values. Whatever the idea or emotion,  a product is meant to communicate, color is a key to its visual language. A code that can be universally understood. Use this book as starting point to spark inspiration; the moment is ripe for re-invention and re-connection in a multifarious, multi-hued world. 




A moment of nostalgia , a group of cheerful earth-tones that conjure up images of graphic-patterned wallpaper, avocado-hued kitchen appliances and super plush shag carpets. Use these 60s-inflected tones for earthy interiors, lush velvets, retro mushroom lamps and vivid eyeshadows and lipsticks. More haute-hippie attitude comes from crafty macramés and hand-thrown ceramics.  KEYWORDS: 70s harvest shades, crafty, hippie, macramé, rattan, mosaics, glazed,  textured textiles,  velvet, crochet, retro.  



Is where things are surreal. Pale cools like light blue, lilac and mint green work with bright fuchsia and mid-tone jade for beguiling interiors and phantasmagoric apparel. The human eye becomes key motif; other shapes are influenced by the playful graphics of the 1980s Memphis Group. Fantasy is brought into real-life as well as to the virtual world,  NFT art,  glam avatars become online alter-egos.  KEYWORDS: dreamy surrealism, sheer, whimsical touches, reflective surfaces, modern Memphis,  glowing lights,  iridescent glass, ethereal, illusory.  



Celebrates the non-plant side of nature, with blues and greens taking their cue from swirly malachite, iridescent labradorite, glistening lapis, raw turquoise and coppery feldspar. These gem-like colors work in metallic leathers, lustrous jacquards or in moody interiors. Highly pigmented cosmetics bring an earthen opulence to eyes and lips. KEYWORDS: deep gem, mineralized, malachite, glazed, stony & marbly, ridged surfaces, rich velvets, blown glass , burnished.



These are the seductive shades of antique tapestries, blushing oil portraits, pouting fifties starlets and body-positive voluptuaries. It’s about sensuality and sexuality, pleasure and desire. The palette moves from pale pink to washed henna and dusty mauve, accented with a touch of bud green. KEYWORDS: dried flowers, ornate moldings,  vintage to modern mixes, historic rather than retro,  kitschy touches,  ultra-romantic, tender.  



Is where low-tech meets high design. Innovative structures inform prefab houses in modernist shapes. Colors reflect matte-finish milk-paints in muted mid-tones like aqua-teal, unglazed terracotta and bleached olive. Vegan cosmetics. Rough stone and unfinished wood create a neutral backdrop.  KEYWORDS: low-impact production,  plain plywood, minimalist approach,  zero waste,  natural stone | chalk or milky, non-toxic,  experimental architecture.



Artisanal techniques. Knits get super-dimensional; crochets are extra- lacy and precious jacquards mix with indigenous dye methods. Multicolor beads decorate braids, and makeup is applied with whimsical abandon. Communities join together in a patchwork of cerise red, purple, beetroot, vivid tangerine and neon yellow. KEYWORDS: richly textured materials,  eclectic mix,  global crafts, precious antiques, naive art & kitschy objects,  maximalism, artful clutter, quirky, patchwork & collage, opulent.  



Picks up the surrealist theme in a quieter, more dreamy way. Undulating curves recall Jean Cocteau film sets or the early couture showrooms of Balenciaga. White draperies, plasterwork, marble and waxed woods set the mood. Palomino beiges and cafe au lait tints expand the palette, conjuring icy blondes, pale brows and creamy skin.  KEYWORDS: molded shapes,  fluffy materials, cloudy, hollywood-regency,  curvy,  vanity, surreal,  trompe l’oeil,  frothy,  waxed, plastery. 



Brings back the glamour and mystery of the 1920s and 30s with a lacquered palette of maroon, jet black, ultramarine blue and palest lilac, all accented with Bakelite yellow. High contrast combos create graphic pattern. Hair is cut in precise bangs, eyes get extra expressive with deep shadows and drawn-on brows, and lips are stained with port wine. . KEYWORDS: 30s deco, curves & diagonals,  luxe & elegant,  lustrous fabrics,  lacquered surfaces, graphic, extravagant,   


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