• A+A G.MAN - Men Colors A/W 2021.22
  • A+A G.MAN - Men Colors A/W 2021.22
  • A+A G.MAN - Men Colors A/W 2021.22
  • A+A G.MAN - Men Colors A/W 2021.22

A+A G.MAN - Men Colors A/W 2021.22

Our concept behind this new version reflects the need to adapt to today’s changes in menswear driven by a new generation of 21st-century male icons that have emerged, as well as a new form of masculinity. We want to move away from the old stereotype and offer clients something more contemporary for men’s tailoring, city, office, and event-wear. We also want to focus on the new generations that do not recognize themselves in the tailoring of Pitti Peacock and Macho Caricature.

The abbreviation G.MAN represents a more aggressive and sophisticated approach, far from the classic dandy.

The subtitle " The New Gentleman" serves to explain a stylistic turning-point while maintaining and enhancing the "luxury-tailored" aspect of this trend book. Our aim is to make it more Avantgarde, more inclusive and more global.

For FW 21/22 the man will surely be contemporary and confident. He is the man of the Third Millennium, he is refined and he wants to share his style with others, defying conventions and who is definitely self-confident expressing his stylistic choice without being influenced by others.


Military Man
Garments are technologically inspired but with a touch of luxury. Military inspiration but with an urban touch. Materials are technical, cotton and wools. Colors ranging from military and urban Khaki to shades of brown making it more city-wear. Suits are worn with functional and multi-pocket style, combat boots replace sneakers and use accessories to complete the look. Don’t miss out on the millennial overcoat but with innovative and Avant-Garde details.

Outdoor Opulence
Garments for Outdoor but in a more elegant version. They are functional for the outside but with quality fabrics. Materials range from wool fleeces to those fabrics that imitate the "furs" such as teddy-bear, sheepskin and other luxury wools. Colors start from sophisticated camouflage to mossy, aquatic greens to natural beige and powder pink.
Revised and all coordinated coats, duffels, and peacoats, trousers are comfortable but with pleats. Extreme outdoor down jackets, anoraks teddy-bear coats all coordinated with the suits and the use of micro tartans.

Simple Zeitgeist
Garments are inspired by Berlin in the 1960s, where men embodied the rigor and elegance of the western cold war. Materials are wools and chine' or mouline' knitting, as well as textured tweeds with most patterns tone on tone. Colors are shades of darks respecting the minimalism of the '90s to the grays recalling the granite monuments of berlin and Alexander Platz. Clean and soft shapes for coats, with constructivist suiting and shirting fabrics but with chine' effects.

Sugarcable Nostalgia
Garments inspired by the 1970s with their detail and simple references. Materials are classic but with the innovation of modern technologies such as previous wools such as alpaca, mohair or camelhair, to satin, suede, and velvets. Colors are vintage but brighter with shades of red and brown, yellow and orange mixed with touches of pink. Jackets and coats that are luxurious thanks to its fabric play with turtlenecks and knitwear either plain or printed.

Collector & Excess
Garments are inspired by renaissance decor, where masterpieces of art and precious paintings are rich with accumulation, excess and opulence. Materials are decorative and rich with prints and patterns, jacquards and embroideries as well as applied embellishments and trimmings. Colors are vivid, ranging from gold to fire red and prune and all those colors that belong to oil paintings. Jackets and slippers are rich with decorations, trimmings, damasks, prints, etc., also for shirting.

Icelandic Mission
Garments are inspired by the Nordic cold and Iceland landscapes for very high performance like in a James bond movie. Outdoor sports combined with a more urban style. Materials are very technical like tech-treated wools for performance, or quilted down jacket inspired by winter sports. Colors are the tones of the northern sea with ice blue or more midnight blue to shades of glacier icy grey. Secret agent inspired suits and coats with smart shapes using monochrome colors.

City Gang
Garments inspired by the Anglo-Saxon spirit transformed into a more urban version where Houndstooth/Prince of Wales takes center stage. Materials are precious wools, from pinstriped wools, checks. The textures are either very graphic or unusual. Colors are urban with a range of white-gray-black combined with blues, and beige and occasionally a touch of green. Suits and coats are key but in an informal and casual version.

Neo Breed
Garments inspired by the Gentleman of the third Millennium who adores monochrome graphic textures and is slightly fetish and silhouettes that are well defined. Materials are compact and can be mixed with coated, vinyl material or leather-effect surfaces shiny or matt. Colors are monochrome, with black in the forefront coupled with shades of grey and mélange grey all the way to white. Clothes become leaner with cigarette-style silhouette and exclusive details. The Double-breasted jacket is renewed but most interesting are the hybrid tailoring and mixed textures, destroyed tailoring or bling-bling with baroque and damask fabrics.

Flaming Seduction
Garments are driven by all shades of red, the color of power, passion, and strength. Materials are wools and velvets that emphasize the color becoming precious and seductive combined also with technical or vinyl materials in lacquered or matt effects. Colors are shades of red combined with black or tone on tone. Red is allowed on any garment and in any intensity as well as with any texture from shoes, to knits to coats.

Prijs per item = € 1.800,00

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