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This season we feel a strong need for peace and harmony, for balance and acceptance with a strong focus on well-being and relaxation both inside and outside the home. The need to live and spend our time in a well-kept environment is key. We search for all aspects that gives us a feeling of well-being, whether for work or private life. Interior design is giving a lot of importance towards sustainable fabrics, as well as all materials that will stand the test of time and can either be "transformed" or "re-used." Wood, a natural and raw material par excellence, is a constant presence along with organic fabrics such as cotton and linen. Stone is used in different ways, from natural stones to exquisite surfaces that simulate textures such as marble or terrazzo. We start from the most raw and natural fabrics to the most precious and antique ones; they can be used alone or artfully layered, allowing for continuous renewal and giving a different look to every home. The interiors are like a collage of concrete, wood, stone and steel, each durable over time, but most importantly...without waste! Spaces are becoming more and more organized and hyper-functional. Always seeking contact with nature and to "feel" the sunlight. We keep our roots in the past, but with our eyes to the future! We are ready for an experience that will be a "mix between real and surreal” in every home.


 01. Elements

A nordic light, that enters the house and is able to give warmth and softness to the environment. A strong desire for essentiality, simplicity while seeking an intimate and convivial atmosphere. Shades come from a pristine and uncontaminated nature, where all elements come to life. A home that is part of nature, absorbed by its surroundings with a lot of detail and elegance. The rock inside the house creates a connection between the living space and the outdoor nature, without losing the Nordic inspiration where the various elements emerge in contrast to wood and oxidized copper. Spaces opens up to the outdoors to let the energy flow!

 02. Neo-Nomad Soul

A new "home" with a gypsy soul, where exotic furniture from around the world is mixed together. A convivial place where all ethnic differences embrace. The variety and richness of colors in different shades,sun-bleachedand combined in a random way. The rooms evoke itinerant homes with curtains, fabrics, wood and porcelain, carpets and tiles and  salvaged materials, from the most precious to the most simple one. Our home is now dressed in fabrics, scattered textiles, patterns and colors of different origins that are united in spirit and vitality...


We find ourselves as if suspended in a state of tranquil limbo, a home that does not  move away from a sort of "comfort zone" feel. where  slowness and silence take on an almost rarefied dimension, thus making our nest extremely cozy and peacful. Tranquility, well-being and absolute relaxation can be felt upon entering this "oasis" where one can rebalance the mind and restore the body. Soft and comfy textiles, spaces to gather and retreat, lush linens, natural colors, scented candles, a collection of art, mood-lights , music and anything else that is soothing. Outdoor environments that are inspired by indoor interiors, all surrounded by an enchanting landscape that acts as a backdrop. 


A playful space where creativity is freed, giving way to a more functional and colorful aspect to the home and its interiors. The primary colors are "cartoonish," strong and capture attention,in contrast to the dark colors of more minimal environments. Materials recall our childhood, toys take on a new identity and become design objects. Environments that quickly transform from an office to a gym and then into a room for studies or play...keeping everything strictly in order!

 05.Faded Glory

We rediscover the value of unique pieces, we use the past to modernize the present and create something new for the future! Surfaces are dusty and materials are reminiscent of our “grandma's house" where the value lies in time and memories of life experiences. The colors are vintage, worn. They have the warmth of something reassuring and classic, but also the coldness of something that belongs to no one. Antique fabrics, luxurious damask, textured and timeless warps combined with more contemporary details. Time seems as if it has stopped...everything is suspended!

 06. Digital World

A new way of experiencing the home, whether real or virtual in which everything we can imagine becomes possible without limits. Metallic, light and dark tones combined with cosmic blues leaving space also for violet shades and recreating another dimension, with holographic effects combining light with architecture. The use of materials such as steel, mirror and glass that reflect light in the rooms adding brightness and elegance. Imagination or reality?

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