• A+A Life in Color | Color & Lifestyle 23.2
  • A+A Life in Color | Color & Lifestyle 23.2

A+A Life in Color | Color & Lifestyle 23.2


This season, we focus on tints and hues that enrich our lives, whether it’s the lustrous rind of a fragrant orange, the inky dome of the midnight sky, a sun-bleached stucco wall, or a ceramic pitcher burnished by decades of use. No colors stand alone. it’s the teal velvet chair placed near lichen-green drapery, the pink dress worn with orange shoes, the flash of cerulean eyeshadow against ebony skin, that sets our hearts afire. For color, as for most things, context is everything. Whether a single color or the unexpected combination of hues, it’s that impossible-to-define emotional pull that renews a basic t-shirt, makes a package of soap into an object of desire, or turns lipstick into an obsession. Each color palette tells a story. 

Eau de Nil

A theme named for a color that came to signify the Egyptomania of the 1920s, a “light-greenish hue, more saturated than celadon, less gray than sage...” explains The Paris Review. Use these chameleon tones for walls, tinted concrete floors, painted kitchen cabinets or creamy eyeshadows. Undulating shapes like curvy sofas underscore the color’s watery heritage. 

KEYWORDS: soothing, renewal,lush-luxury, atmospheric

Cara Cara 

A luscious hybrid of orange with pinkish flesh. The palette includes other citrus shades like blood orange, key lime, yuzu yellow, and clementine, creating a heady ambrosial mix. Painted abstract murals enliven walls, while solid structures in these colors echo the work of iconic Mexican modernist architect Luis Barragan. Glazed tiles, handwoven textiles, and raffia baskets explore the folkloric side of the Mexican reference. 

KEYWORDS: harmonious, invigorating, vitamin-infused, handcraft.

Bongo Brut 

Drawn from the strong shapes and rough finishes of Brutalist architecture, energized with the graphic patterns and dynamic crafts of African nations. The palette is subdued yet lively, with earthen browns lightened by bisque orange, concrete gray and ceramic blue, accented with lemongrass green. Upcycled materials are sculpted into craggy papier-mache-like structures. Terrazzo floors and carved wood surfaces add more visual rhythm. 

KEYWORDS: moderne-craft,rhythmic-geos, earthy-brutalist, reclaimed.


A new version of shabby-chic finds expression in this theme. Romantic florals work for wallcoverings heirloom china or frilly blouses; granny-core items like crochet throw or a pointelle sweater vest, add quirky personality. Pretty shades of robin’s egg blue, lilac, sunshine yellow, and blush pink work against ecru grounds to give prints and patterns a vintage-y tea-stained feel.

KEYWORDS: nostalgic, cherished, treasured, fanciful.  


Plaster & Ash

The latest interpretation of the ever-relevant black-and-white palette. This time the whites are rough rather than smooth, and the blacks have a charred, charcoal feel. Ornate plasterwork is rediscovered, with crown moldings, fireplace surrounds, cornices and ceiling medallions contrasting with raw plywood floors and lime-washed walls.

KEYWORDS: dimensional. textured, gestural, sculpted. 


A state of mind, a dream escape, a fantasy made real by bringing joy and expression into everyday life. It’s the courage to paint a wall bright pink, the passion for collecting that results in a window seat lined with thirty throw pillows, the exuberance inherent in “fat lava” ashtrays and kitschy thrift-shop paintings. A paintbox palette that includes fuchsia, turquoise, cobalt blue, true red.

KEYWORDS: surreal, celebratory, maximalist, hyper-expressive.

Ivoire Rose

The latest take on our pink fixation. This time roseate colors mix with whitened tints for a delicate, shell-like feel. Cosmetic peach and silk-stocking tan deepen the palette. Any of the colors will work as a neutral for interior walls or can be fashioned into modern interpretations of Art Deco wallpapers. More deco influences come from rounded corners.

KEYWORDS: curved, art-deco-y, sensuous, touchable.

Night On Earth 

Evoking long summer nights beneath the starry cosmos. The essential human experience of gazing into the inky darkness becomes threatened by urban light pollution, our view of stars and planets becomes ever more precious. Dark jewel tones of purples and inky blues conjure the magic of outer space as well as the glamour of 1970s-80s, interpreted with dark walls and shimmering light fixtures, or satiny fabrics sparked with glittering jewels. 

KEYWORDS: opulence, mystical, astral, infinite. 

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