• A+A Life in Color S/S2021
  • A+A Life in Color S/S2021
  • A+A Life in Color S/S2021

A+A Life in Color S/S2021

For Spring 2021, Life in Color looks at the fusion of nature and technology — the blues of the sea as well as the filtered turquoise water in swimming pools, the intense pinks of flowers or fluorescent minerals, and the warm browns of summer, from sand and skin to terracotta tiles and iced coffee. Throughout this edition, earth-safe production methods are highlighted, such as bioplastics from seaweed, dyes from vegetables and upcycled synthetics, underlining a sustainable future where the ancient eco-system and modern science merge in harmony.


This season begins with shades of blue that have also emerged as key colors in men’s collections. We believe in pale blue and heavenly sky blue, representing the sunny shades of summer afternoons by the poolside. Mixed with accents of coral-orange, it gives the palette a vintage Miami feel. Accents of gold can also be used to give a more majestic sea-god rather than scruffy sailor appeal. Blue is considered to be one of the new neutrals and safety colors for this season that can be used in all industries.
KEYWORDS: Ethereal, Neptune, mermaids, aquatic

This theme is the continuation of last season’s olive green but this time the hues are not taken directly from nature. Instead, these new greens take their cue from the effects of nature rather than nature itself. For instance, the patina that forms on copper or brass when exposed to air. Pale Orange and pale lilac sun-bleached or oxidized by the sun, are accents that bring contrast to the chalky greens. Faded, muted, powder-coated effects can add a time-worn appeal to objects and garments.
KEYWORDS: Gentle-romance, retro-future, Milk-paint, bleached-out

This palette explores the roots of the traditional RED/BLUE combos. Also in our SS21 Concept book, these 2 colors are used to make a statement but are also considered as the new basics taking over from the many seasons dominated by black and white. Mixed together or with other secondary colors, the use of these primary hues can go across cultures, traditions, and styles.
KEYWORDS: Building blocks, tribal meets preppy, high contrast, modern craft.

Another theme with a strong focus on contrasting colors, but this time they are used in a more graphic way. Plays of lights & darks using various shades of white and black or faux black, negative & positive, male & female. Diamond patterns, circles, spirals, stripes, and crescent shapes are all part of the graphic language. For a more whimsical appeal like the Gucci embroidered tulle gloves, these contrasts can become more delicate and romantic. Finally, hand made, hand painted or imperfect touches on different materials like wood, raw canvas, muslin or concrete give the design a more minimalist feel.
KEYWORDS: Fornasetti style, Jean Cocteaux style, 20's surrealism, Wabi-Sabi


A fresh look at the romantic side of yellow, nothing new but still very relevant and the continuation of the SS 20’s introduction to yellow in our Concept book. The new movie called Honeyland (opens on a gorgeous solitary moment, and it’s not the only chance directors Ljubo Stefanov and Tamara Kotevska will focus and meditate on the balance between humans and nature), is definitely a must-see, being also one of the inspiring factors of this theme. We continue to bring an ode to these magnificent creatures (the bees) finding different ways to express the yellow ranging from summer flower yellow to syrupy honeycomb, to a more golden shade, that works well with suntan brown and pinkish biscuit tones for a more poetic touch.
KEYWORDS: Mellow yellow, Waxy & sticky, Vegetal dyes, golden light.

We never seem to get over our passion for pink. This is the new genderless tone that has also been highlighted in our gentlemen SS 21 and it's everywhere!! A continuation of last seasons more neutral tone, our love for pink intensifies from a rosy shade to pink-orange to a strong fuchsia that works either "tone on tone" or with accents of turquoise and deep purple. Inspired by the very intense pink and red walls painted by Mexican architect Luis Barragan, the very same intensity and sexy love affair for pink are evident also in the “more is more” approach of the ‘80-’90.
KEYWORDS: boldness, exuberance, passionate, uninhibited.

Inspired by the world of flower arranging, a growing trend, especially when taken from the Japanese art of IKEBANA, which is a way of arranging flowers that emphasizes nature and balance but at times, may appear a little strange. The mix between flowers, vegetable and other ornamental items such as sponges or plastic forks are the fun part of this hobby. The key direction here is mixing pastels, like pale blue or pink, with bright, acid colors like red-orange. This theme connects with our SS 21 Concept Theme "Joyful" where playing and arranging are one and the same. It's less sentimental more offbeat and where creativity reigns.
KEYWORDS: organic, synthetic, mismatching, artsy.

Theme 8.. CAFFE COOL
This book ends with a range of browns, taupes and other light neutral hues for a new timeless luxury. A continuation of our FW 20/21 season, brown is also important for the spring/summer, as it is seldom taken into consideration. Here, we like to associate it with tans, beiges, yellow and other lighter shades as it bestows a sense of elegance and chic on warm-weather apparel and luxury packaging. White is not part of the palette but make sure to use it!! This new rustic luxury is great for leathers, cars, interiors, handbags, shoes and other accessories and objects.
KEYWORDS: Shibori dyeing, curated & composed aesthetic, beautification of objects.
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