• A+A Very - Men Fashion Trends A/W 2021.2022
  • A+A Very - Men Fashion Trends A/W 2021.2022
  • A+A Very - Men Fashion Trends A/W 2021.2022
  • A+A Very - Men Fashion Trends A/W 2021.2022

A+A Very - Men Fashion Trends A/W 2021.2022

Mixing is key this season: male/female, citywear/streetwear, formal/informal, Central European/North African, 2000s/2020s, cowboys/Indians, good/bad. What we are witnessing is a society that is fragmented and politically divided and the development of experimental male garments free from all rules, especially the traditional ones. An era in which the overwhelming power of the 2010s streetwear is evolving from active towards a more workwear, natural direction, making room for more controlled and guaranteed vegetal and animal fibers that are "free" from polluting elements, from destructive processes, from unethical use of the workforce and from cruelty to animals.

MINORITY RELEVANCE: the influence of minor social groups often opposed to globality. Aesthetic influences from countries considered marginal and through migration, become a constant theme of modernity.
DYSTOPIAN SOLIDITY: a pessimistic view of the future makes us favor dark hues, solid colors while the clothing represents a protective element that is pragmatic and functional.
CALL OF THE WILD: The call of the jungle, of natural elements uncontaminated but also functional, protective and useful.
GENDER REDEFINITION: Freedom of expression beyond conventions and finding pleasure in innovation. Breaking taboos, and adopting a genderless approach.
PROTEST FOR BETTER: We have the feeling of witnessing an epochal change, feeling displaced and doubtful, with young people who seem to wish for new rules and paradigms.


Go Green
Outdoor inspiration in an urban and sophisticated twist. Urban hiking, city glamping, elegant utility, formal/functional. City wear switches to a hybrid product halfway between army or lumberjack suggestions and neo-hipster elegance.
COLORS: forest green and military green
MATERIALS: nature-based, such as wools and cotton with coatings, anti-rain, and protective treatments. Matelassè fabrics with unusual patterns. Tartan and Alpine appearance
KEY ITEMS: tweed blazer with a quilted vest, fisherman's jacket, carrot-shaped trousers
ACCESSORIES: hunting and mountain boots, backpacks camping saddlebags.

Blue Block
Fashion from the 2000s is coming back in style with a dark high-tech streetwear spirit but also super sophisticated. Revisiting men's classics in an athletic /streetwear twist. Ergonomic cuts, sporty details, and minimalist reminiscences in a vaguely techno-gothic style inspired by luxury manga-skate. The evolution of the masculine athleisure but more dystopic and less, fun.
COLORS: darks from bluish to grey shades.
MATERIALS: hi-tech materials, compact woolen fabrics in raw cuts, felted, double or coated fabrics. compact jersey, stretch jersey, neoprene effects.
KEY ITEMS: ergonomic maxi-coat, bomber jacket in tech fabrics, the sweater with decorative jacquards and parka or raincoat in tech fabrics.
ACCESSORIES: military boots with an athletic twist, macro-backpack, multi-functional shopper.

Revisiting the GEN z version of classics by introducing feminine or genderless elements. New and more indulgent masculinity, which looks to the past with a bit of nostalgia, but has roots firmly stuck in today's culture. A genderless look, fluid lines suitable for both genders, favoring comfort and cocooning.
COLORS: neutrals, grey pastels natural antiqued shades from rusty, dusty, yellowed colors with touche of unexpected intense colors.
MATERIALS: fabrics are soft, fluffy, ultralight. Mohair, cashmere but also regenerated and synthetic fibers. Woolens and felted wools, eco-suede, Alcantara, cotton, velvet.
KEY ITEMS: ultra-light wool coat, felted trucker, corduroy slacks, tubular jeans
ACCESSORIES: Indian moccasins, 70's desert boots in vegan suede, purses, and bags.

A revamp of the classic denimwear. A new more ironic and exaggerated machismo. "Wild wild west" inspiration with a mix of Steampunk culture and traditional western influences in a gothic and even glam version.
COLORS: pitch-black, very dark denim, peat-grey, dark colors that can be either violet or reddish.
MATERIALS: denim-inspired fabrics but revisited in a colored or black version. Real leather or leather-like obtained with special coatings, satin, and more opulent fabrics.
KEY ITEMS: light overcoat, black denim suit, tubular cargo pants Tex-Mex cardigan.
ACCESSORIES: Western and lumbar-jack boots, sombreros.
Brands to follow: Phillip Lim, the new denim by Christophe Lemaire, Western collection by undercover, PHIPPS.

La Strada
Quotations from Fellini's masterpiece, synonym of a life " on the road" yet in a more contemporary urban context. A vaguely shabby and retro spirit halfway between traditional suiting and functional workwear intended to draw a casual touch of formalwear for the newer generations.
COLORS: A range entirely tied to gray/false black or white, soft mauve also with micro-patterns.
MATERIALS: Prince of Wales, woolens either rustic tweeds, flannels or felted fabrics.
KEY ITEMS: Grey tweed suit, hybrid cargo in fustian and canvas, fancy coat, RAF jacket, turtleneck sweaters.
ACCESSORIES: Super accessorized brogues, vests, functional bags and totems.

Balkan Bohemian
In an era of great changes and migrations, the global aesthetic tends to appropriate local cultures and folklore elements. A time characterized by a hippie influence inspired by the Balkan countries, a sort of gypsy culture from both the Middle East and Central Europe drawing attention to natural and rustic fabrics. a mix between outdoor and contemporary neo-hippie spirit.
COLORS: spicy and rusty tones from mustard-yellow, moss-gree, cinnamon and warm flannel grey with touches of intense colors.
MATERIALS: strong woolen component, often furry and rustic, with blends of alpaca and mohair as well as decoration from the Slavic traditions.
KEY ITEMS: teddy bear coat, wool blazer, knitwear with fancy stitching and decorative inlays, maxi cardigans.
ACCESSORIES: Balkan babouches, moccasin in natural leather, middle easter slippers, shepherds saddlebag.

Snow Patrol
A new eco-activism pushes the contemporary consumer to adopt military uniforms and mountaineer-style but in an urban context. A style that evokes images of protests and riot aimed at raising public awareness and environmental issues that need to be addressed with regards to the future of the millennial glaciers.
COLORS: military range diluted in icy, bleached tones.Lichen-green,eucalyptus-green, sage-green, whites and icy greys.
MATERIALS: often natural materials with protective treatments and finishings and with a strong sustainable impact. organic or recycled cotton,
KEY ITEMS: new light-colored military parka, the down-jacket with ethical padding, sherpa-like fleece
ACCESSORIES: jockstraps, belts, suspenders, snowboots, knitted caps gloves
At the end of the book, there is a chapter dedicated to DENIM SPECIAL. The world of men's denim evolves hand in hand with men's fashion. I the last 10 years, men's clothing has undergone a global revolution, On the one hand, it has become more experimental, avant-garde, futuristic and on the other more show-off, over-the-top and decorative daring with new colors

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