• A+A Very - Men Fashion Trends S/S2022

A+A Very - Men Fashion Trends S/S2022

In this peculiar historical moment, concerns over the future are multiplying exponentially. Which new socio-economic scenarios lie ahead? How will the world change in the forthcoming years? And, as far as we are concerned, how will the relationship with clothing change and what will the new (ethical, aesthetical) canons be?
The post-COVID Era will surely be marked by a strong desire for practicality, functionality, versatility, whilst leading the man to choose more seasonless clothes, to be worn in layers, according to their daily life.
Garments are inspired by the homewear, the traditional sportswear, the outdoor style and the workwear.
There will certainly be even greater attention to the quality of the material, sustainability of products and supply chain, as well as a truly ethical approach towards their brand.
Technology, research and innovation should also enhance the quality, safety, durability and, above all, the product’s “protective” features.
The need for reassurance, encouragement, being part of a culture, a precise historical reference, implementing values that are “harmless" and “safe”, will be the key drivers of tomorrow's consumer.
The theme of reshaping gender stereotypes will certainly be questioned. However, the road will remain open to menswear that will also be colorful, playful and optimistic.
The desire for something new, including those indispensable pleasures, which will act as a balance against the austere, protective and dystopian spirit that is part of our current state of mind.


L'Etranger (by A. Camus)
A theme celebrating ethnic, cultural and racial diversity as a gift, a drive for personal evolution, and as a source of aesthetic inspiration. The craving for distant shores, a faraway exotic land from with its North African elegance to the austere and minimal hybrid between Maghreb spirit and western functionality, with nostalgic safaris and contemporary allure.
• Colors: natural shades earthy, clay-like, matter-like, reddish terracotta brick
• Materials: Strictly natural, cotton, vegetable fibers for low environmental impact. Canvas, twill, matt satin, comfortable and breathable fabrics.
• Key Product: guru shirt + tubular pants, safari jacket + sarouel, shirt + slack, overcoat + bermuda with details in leather ( collars, pockets). Openwork, perforations, laser cuts for garments. Rustic looking knitwear, irregular, imperfect, natural.
• **NEW ** prints: North African graphics, arabesques revamped in a more minimal and purified design.

Lord Jim ( by J.Conard)
A theme longing for adventure, for freedom, but also the search for a romantic spirit with nostalgic veins celebrating the sea, through its icons, myths and legends from Ismael and Ahab to Corto Maltese. A nostalgic imprint with naval references inspired by the romantic literature and with a poetic vision of the nautical world.
• Colors: a range of hyper-light tones, from natural white to light-blue/greyish shades.
• Materials: cotton as a symbol for traditional garments, casual and sporty. silk or shiny fabrics for accessories like scarfs, foulards (protective function). Meshes, crochet work, tight ribbed knits/ woolens.
• Key Products: sailing uniforms from the past, the double-breasted jacket but cooler. comfortable lines, unstructured matched with Capri pants. Pajamas inspired garments like extra-long nightwear, and shirts or sleeveless or 30's tank tops. Vests and cardigans included with perforated stitching or crochet-mesh.
• **NEW** Prints: damask patterns, Toile-de-Jouy drawings, florals, stripes.

Germinal ( by E.Zola)
Inspired by the working-class civil and political consciousness. The retro workwear evokes a 30's spirit with references coming from the bakers, postman, blacksmiths, and carpenters, but reinvented in a modern version to confer a new soul to the traditional workwear outfits.
• Colors: a palette of tones like biscuit, wood, honey.
• Materials: Cotton and natural fibers like twill, canvas, lightweight satins, délavès, retro woolens, tartans.
• Key Products: field-jackets donkey-jackets, chic tubular trousers, vintage bags, commuter-jackets, cagoule, traditional blazers matched with bermuda or oversized slacks. Grand-pa vests, vintage cargo pants. A seasonless theme where materials/colors mix freely.
• **NEW**Prints: wallpaper printed patterns, vintage micro-ties, geometric 30's prints, an art-deco scent.

Candide ( by Voltaire)
A theme indestructibly optimistic of a world that, faced with every misfortune and catastrophe, keeps going with an unaltered candor and freshness. Celebrating summer lightheartedness and optimism, by using unexpected colors, fun prints, versatile materials and iconic garments which is a bit kidult but definitely genderless.
• Colors: vintage polychrome of aquatic and azured shades mixed with strawberry pinks, apricots, and melons.
• Materials: Cotton and natural fibers for the new urban uniform to be worn also on holiday or moments or relaxation. Synthetic and technical fabrics, with a matt /cottony look for athletic-inspired garments, also lacquered or painted.
• Key Product: Suits and jackets with deconstructed, versatile, easy wearing, smart look using intense colors either monochrome or split. Trousers become the new decorative item, either coordinated with the shirt or completely different. Work uniforms, garage jumpsuits.
• *NEW* Prints: floral, exotic and graphic motifs and patchworks of micro-patterns.

Replicant ( by P.K.Dick)
A seasonless theme based on a gloomy and strongly masculine atmosphere where functional, protective and performing features are combined with dystopian and vaguely fetishist aesthetics. A sort of Cyberpunk of the '90s, but projected into the future. Inspired by a sort of blade runner mood.
• Colors: An inter-seasonal palette based on ultra darks from dark blue, dark brown and black.
• Materials: Coated, water-repellent, performing, new anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and filtering finishes. Focus on stretchy fabrics, circular knitwear, super tight spandex. Coated canvases, and twills for outerwear. Ultra-light nylon ( recycled), vinyl /glossy surfaces.
• Key Products: Hoods, capes, parkas cagoules and commuter jackets with technical surfaces, Oversized dimensions.Functional/ ergonomic details for tailored blazers and accessories with inserts and secret pockets in stretchable materials.Shockproof pants, baggy, comfortable volumes.
• **NEW** Prints: gothic, tribal tattoos, techno 90's, tigers, dragons.

Zone ONE (by C. Whitehead)
How to survive the apocalypse with intelligence, the spirit of initiative and constructive optimism in order to counteract the post-COVID era made of insecurities, fears and stress. We need a clean slate and a plan! Images of a dystopian future but faced with virility and properly accessorized. A mix of functionality, protective features, solidity and versatility in order to cope with unexpected situations.

• Colors: A dusty and camouflage-like palette with asphalt/concrete grey but bleached, natural and cellulose whites.
• Materials: Technologic, performing, ultra-light, protective, with digital elements. Versatile, breathable and eco-friendly if possible! A new mix of natural and synthetic fibers, for quality and strength. Paper-like fabrics.
• Key Products: ultra-light and layered outfits from parkas, overcoats, cagoules and vests. 70's sci-fi inspiration for intricate-geometric structures for work overalls, vests and shirts. the evolution of multi-functional tracksuits in a futuristic version.
• **NEW**Prints: handwritten graffiti, spray, collages, symbols, new camouflage

• Laudreymat- Sustainable denim with new lightweight versatile denim, washed-out surfaces with new natural washes, ozone treatments and avoiding excess water waste
• Farmland- Neo-hippy spirit, willing to return to agriculture, to self-production, to live in rural communities.: striped denim, with irregular and rustic yarns and natural fiber compositions.
• Biker Beatnik: Nostalgic garages from the '40s. Workwear uniforms/ garage jumpsuit, ultra-dark, raw, paper-like, blackened, unwashed denim.
• Rodeo-Star: Evoking the western but in a contemporary version. lacquered, coated, leather-like denim, metallic denim, either raw or délavé.

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