• OvN - 20/20 Colour Flow 2022
  • OvN - 20/20 Colour Flow 2022
  • OvN - 20/20 Colour Flow 2022
  • OvN - 20/20 Colour Flow 2022
  • OvN - 20/20 Colour Flow 2022
  • OvN - 20/20 Colour Flow 2022
  • OvN - 20/20 Colour Flow 2022

OvN - 20/20 Colour Flow 2022

Oltmans van Niekerk was founded in 2005 and their main activities are researching future trends, consumer behavior and concept work for global corporations. Their goal is to understand what is going on in the world and present a clear sense of understanding and direction.  Oltmans van Niekerk bring clarity into future lifestyle trends.

Oltmans van Niekerk is a collaboration of Liesbeth Oltmans and Els van Niekerk. Both come from a design background and have worked for internationally known companies in the fashion and interior industry. They have over 15 years of experience in trend forecasting, concept development and product design.

Colour Flow is the yearly colour and material guide of Oltmans van Niekerk showing the colours, materials and finishes that will be influential in the future.

Colour Flow 2022
The new edition of trend forecast book Colour Flow 2022 was created and released during the worldwide Coronavirus outbreak. The world has rapidly changed as COVID-19 has spread. Some things viewed as essential in the recent past have quickly become secondary issues, and there is a new and heightened awareness of the vulnerable state of our health and the economy. The importance of our homes, our physical well-being and exercise have become more evident. People realise what matters to them, what they value, and this will change behaviour and affect design.

It’s not the end of creativity and great design, choosing colours and creating new materials has not become a thing of the past; we find ourselves in a whole new and different situation. We have to become more aware of everything we create; it is crucial to analyse in-depth what we design and the materials we use. What effect do they have on the environment and people’s living conditions? We should aspire to do things right in determining how we shape the future world.

The four directions explore the colours and materials that will be important for 2022. The new format and layout of the book have changed to emphasise the flow of the colours. Products must last longer; colours are no longer defined by separate stories with a beginning and end. For Colour Flow 2022, colours have been selected based on how a colour makes you feel, and what the colours do to your state of mind. All colours are unique, created by hand in the studio of Oltmans van Niekerk.

Colour Flow shows how to translate the directions identified in Vision 2022 into new colours and materials. These are not limited by season or fashion but attempt to analyse colours and materials for a broader and longer-term perspective, trends with a long term influence that could feature for five years or more.

Colour Flow contains visual and tactile information that is waiting to be adapted to your specific product range. The book offers clear colour and material direction for anyone that is working on future product development.

• Annual release, April
• 106 pages of design directions
• 40 Textile colour swatches and innovative materials
• Pdf file

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