• WeAr Global DVD no. 45
  • WeAr Global DVD no. 45
  • WeAr Global DVD no. 45

WeAr Global DVD no. 45

The Wear DVD is published 4 times a year, isochronal to the well-known print publication.

Besides providing all the pages of the magazine in 8 languages, there is a complex introduction in English and miscellaneous bonus material, which is not contained in the printed publication.


Three to four additional bonus materials deepen and complement the content of the WEAR magazine. Comprehensive graphical material presents the 2 to 3 current best shops.


The DVD can only be played on PC Systems, both, MAC and Windows.Within the specific system player, the user can chose his favourite pages and save them.

By using a zoom function, the enlarged view on details is possible.

For users out of the field of retail and sales, or for other means of presentation, the DVD contains an auto-player, to make non- stop-presentations possible on monitors standing on presentation areas.

Prijs per item = € 37,82

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