• Pantone Solid Chips Supplement | Coated & Uncoated
  • Pantone Solid Chips Supplement | Coated & Uncoated

Pantone Solid Chips Supplement | Coated & Uncoated

Expand your Pantone Graphics Chips Books with new colors

294 new trend colors!

Update your Pantone Solid Chips books with new 294 Pantone Spot colors in chip format, for easy viewing, sharing, and reference. Designers and decision makers can use the removable paper chips for mood board and palette development, specifying on product sketches, communicating color to clients, or bringing along to press checks.

Perforated paper chips of all 294 new Pantone Spot colors
Printed on coated and uncoated paper
Use at all stages of the design workflow, from inspiration, to stakeholder approval, to quality control

Pages formatted for use in Pantone Solid Chips books
Each page provides up to seven Pantone Colors with six individual 1.2” x 0.8” chips per color
Printed on the most commonly used paper stock weights (100 lb coated and 80 lb uncoated)

294 new, trend- and market-relevant graphics colors added
Colors arranged in chromatic format
Each color displayed with its corresponding number or name
Removable chip format has three-sided color bleed, most ideal when evaluating color
Tolerance aim <2dE to our master standard data

Provides Pantone Spot colors in the easiest format for building palettes and mood boards, and for color specification, sharing, and evaluation
Inserts directly into existing Solid Chips Books
Bring Color to Life, Digitally
Learn how Pantone® Extension for Adobe Creative Cloud allows you to take your physical Pantone colors into your digital workflow through Adobe® Creative Cloud (InDesign®, Photoshop®, and Illustrator®).
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