10.00    registratie en ontvangst gasten

10.45    aanvang en opening door Maureen Reulink

10.50    trends zomer 2019 – GODDESSES 

Een ongekend inspirerende presentatie over de trends, kleuren en styles voor het zomerseizoen 2019 door Lidewij Edelkoort. De presentatie getiteld ‘GODDESSES’ is een visueel spektakel, waarbij beelden van sfeer, kleur en vorm elkaar snel opvolgen en wordt gevolgd door een uitgebreide toelichting door Lidewij Edelkoort.

The goddess movement is responsible for a turnaround in fashion, which will have profound influences on the way women dress. The days of normcore and streetwise basics seem to evaporate in the face of a revolution in shape and making. The variations in cut, drape and fold are astounding and will give the skills of fashion design back to the professionals, away from the influencers. Editing is no longer the name of the game since brand new pieces will be introduced, able to silence all hash tags. Majestic fabrics and regal colours will lend allure to all women, able to enhance their natural beauty. You are invited to find your own goddess being, taste and pleasure within this trend forecast that will become a style bible for the years to come. – Lidewij Edelkoort

 12.05    activewear zomer  2019 – ACTIVEWEAR GOES ON SAFARI
Veel aandacht zal er deze middag zijn voor de beeldschone presentatie ‘ACTIVEWEAR GOES ON SAFARI’ Waarin Lidewij Edelkoort de trends in ACTIVEWEAR voor 2019 zal tonen. Het samenbrengen van de dierlijke wereld en activewear in een zoektocht naar de belangrijkste trends, kleuren, innovatieve hightech materialen en key silhouetten van morgen.

Contemporary social tribes are akin to the groupings of the animal kingdom; our celebrated diversity connects those who take pride as individuals with others that seek comfort in numbers. In an increasingly challenging and demanding environment, our survival instincts are being put to the test and it seems that nature is our only hope...

The safari camp is therefore the ideal location to reconnect with the cycle of life, a place to contemplate the landscape and forecast the future of fashion. Travellers reflect a taste for the extreme experiences and a love for adventure sports, merging the hybrid idea of garments and accessories that play between the urban and the outdoor. They take their queues from the our wild friends; walking, running, swimming and flying towards the fashions to come.

A biosphere of inspiration is unleashed, from organic motifs and graphic markings to wornwear textures and wrinkled hides. Footwear in particular will profit from these multi-dimensional materials, taking outdoor runners and urban hikers to more tactile heights. A sudden shift in the wind will mark a change in colour, welcoming a family of beiges as the backbone to the summer season, with bright accents that are taken directly from nature.– Lidewij Edelkoort

 12.50    pauze met lunch

 13.45    home & lifestyle 2019 – SPIRITUAL HOUSE

In de presentatie ‘SPIRITUAL HOUSE’ behandeld Lidewij haar visie op de HOME & LIFESTYLE trends voor 2019. 
In response to a world in transition, the home environment becomes a sanctuary, an escape, a refuge and a comfort. Lifestyle embraces the federation of food, the connection of nature and the celebration of family, friends and pets. The spiritual home is a new domain in which our relationship to furniture, objects, materials and colors will gently shift, promising real change and great hope for the future. A profound search for simplicity, tenderness and humanity will pervade. – Lidewij Edelkoort.

14.30    gelegenheid tot het stellen van vragen

14.45    einde van het officiële gedeelte met een drankje en hapje.