Next Trend Studio SS23 | 13 Januari 2022

Next Trend Studio 

We welcome all our clients and new participants to a fresh SS23 season of inspiration broadcasted by Next Trend Studio. We have a great list of keynote speakers from our global forecasters joining us to explore the season and inspire you and your teams. Our 1/2 day of reporting consumer and design shifts will give you and your team direction and insights into fashion,  accessories, beauty, interior, industrial design industries. We still call it season spring/summer 2023, preferences in colour & style are constantly emerging. Trends are the process we use to describe our times. Last season we had over 1.400 guests from more than 10 countries joining us from the fashion interior automotive and design industries. Welcome to join our fourth broadcast season from the Next Trend Studio!

Date: 13 Jan 2022

We broadcast On-Demand (view at your convenience) on the above date. The total program is ca 4,5 hours. The access tickets to Next Trend Studio broadcast all day for your convenience and best planning, something our attendees in the past three seasons have appreciated. The in-house teams of production offices have been able to join, as well as in-house design teams working remotely. 


Meet our speakers:

David R Shah, View | Christine Foden, D.cipherfm |
Tony Bannister, Scout | Anna Starmer, Luminary

Boost your design teams:

Each attendee will have their own access code, for easy access from home, office or elsewhere. We offer Single Access tickets or Group Access up to 100 attendees included, scroll down for options to put in your shopping cart. Our online broadcast event last for approx 4,5 h, we include a small coffee break. We broadcast in HLS streaming protocol, which works for both Mac and PC. Seminar in English.



We curate our Next Trend day in an exciting mix of trend forecasters and speakers, who give their different points of view on the future range and communication strategy and why. As an attendee, you are given an excellent chance to digest and filter into your perspective and needs. All publications & online services published from our speakers to be found on


Keynote speaker David R Shah, View - Title: extremes…………EXTREMES
Now that parts of the world are beginning to emerge from the pandemic and are starting to look beyond the present to the future, there’s no escaping the fact that we are living in a domain of contradictions. Polarisation is rife from politics to business: and it is splitting the world of fashion and design as well. Locked down, we were busy planning and dreaming of our escapes. Now, newfound freedoms are respawning a desire for individuality – the power of being different and exaggeration both in style and colour. Hedonism is of the essence. At the opposite end of the equation, we have a more reflective approach. Consumers are impressed not by novelty but by longevity, using their purchasing power to establish positive change within the industry and rejecting what no longer serves them, or the planet. Super loud or totally quiet… vaccines or no vaccines… overtly sexy or distinctly modest… crowded clubs or social distancing… the digital revolution or the climate crisis… extroverted expression or silent purity… the spontaneous or considered action maximalism or minimalism… disco or tree bathing… epicureanism or stoicism.
So how do we deal with these extremes, how do we balance our lives, how do we navigate a design path. Clearly, post-pandemic life is going to evolve in a hybrid way. But there is a common denominator: our concern for the environment. Going back is just not possible!

Keynote speaker Christine Foden, d.cipherfm - Title: Gratitude
We delve into a world of escapism and manifest different realities in which we seek to find balance within ourselves as well as the environment around us, living day to day and staying present we take steps to keep going and colour life in different palettes that allow us to witness the new horizons we set ahead of ourselves. Like a sunny trip through a time loop, we circulate around a halo of stories illuminating the way forward. The genesis of a journey in which our aura extends in time and nature.

Keynote speaker Tony Bannister, Scout - Title: LET’S GET FRESH!
To life, work and living. A new season and a fresh approach to a better life/work balance. So we need innovative solutions to a new way of living, creative, sustainable, wantable. There’s a positive approach to design, sourcing, manufacturing, styling, merchandising and marketing. Showcasing products and looks for the new Flexi-home office and everyday life, be it simple and less wasteful to special, unique and treasured. The mantra is less is more, evolving products and merchandising from past seasons with a fresh, real and joyous story to tell. SCOUT’s unique global perspective has everything covered to make your research, products and brand the best it can be.

New Guest speaker Anna Starmer, Luminary, TITLE; The Future of Colour | 2023 and Beyond
Luminary Issue 25 expands on what it is to be ‘Light’. From treading lightly on our Earth and leaving no trace behind, to designing with a lighter touch, a considered and conscious approach. We shine a light on the key creatives and innovators, who are working toward lighter solutions and lighter ways of designing.  The colours inspire new ways to imagine and create colour for your product. Luminary colour swatches are dyed on vintage fabrics with waste food, tree bark, leaves and nettles collected locally to the Luminary studio. We feature revolutionary new colours and materials created from algae and micro-organisms, ocean waste and fungi.  Anna will preview key colours and macro themes from Luminary Issue 25. Plus an insight into her latest 250+ page digital report The Future of Colour: a view of colour and material innovations which will shape the next decade of design.