• Style Right Menswear S/S 2023
  • Style Right Menswear S/S 2023
  • Style Right Menswear S/S 2023
  • Style Right Menswear S/S 2023

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Style Right Menswear S/S 2023


This season S/S 2023 Men’s editions explores 8 different themes for the menswear market.


Take a trip down ocean drive through the sun soaked streets of miami. Appreciate the architectural sights, vibrant people and the glamour of a bygone era. This story encapsulates the sartorial elegance of the early 20th century for an updated vacation look. 

Grounded We look to the future, where sustainability is key to creating a better balance between humanity and the natural world. Positive slogans embrace a symbiosis and connection to nature, for a eco way of life and a conscious effort to work with and respect the natural world. 

This youthful exuberant trend takes inspiration from the festival scene in a post pandemic world where a much needed release of energy is realized. Live music, making memories, cross-country road trips and diy campsites gain traction in an ever changing landscape of celebrations and happenings. 

Mother Earth 
Mother earth is a strong summer trend that takes its inspiration from the counter cultural movement that rejected mainstream life and embraced alternative living. This progressive and expressive story is a celebration of optimistic youth, embodying their infectious positivity and hopeful outlook. 

Oasis takes us on a journey down the Nile, where days are spent soaking up the sun and taking in views of the luscious riverside whilst on cruise. A wealth of ancient monuments offer endless inspiration and a modern take on ancient art and cosmology converge to create a high summer feel. 

This trend is for the conscious minded consumer, focusing on sustainable living and reducing global textile waste. Looking at mixing recycled street wear and sports pieces to create a unique and creative aesthetic. A cool, youthful vibe that craves individuality whilst wanting to be conscientious. 

Tranquil Botanica 
This organic trend sees us escape to the tranquil setting of a botanical glasshouse, focusing on the exotic flora and fauna that grows within. A tropical oasis beckons, connecting us with nature as we watch plants flourish, creating a peaceful space to switch off from the outside world. 

This fast paced energetic story dives deep into the hyperreal metaverse - a digital escape from the mundane day-to-day. This virtual playground takes inspiration from cyberpunk cosplay, robotic interfaces, and the cybernated world. Graphic geomerty, slick synthetics and wireframe models create a customizable and maximalist look.


  • Royalty free prints and graphics for commercial use on all type of products

  • Commercial trend stories and each of these includes trend colour palettes

  • Trend directions with collection of themed imagery

  • Print and graphic collections created and based on the trend stories of the season

  • All editable, prints, graphics and shapes for babywear in vector formats

  • Applicable for Fashion and textile, decoration, gifts, stationary…

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