• Bags Trend Book S/S 2018
  • Bags Trend Book S/S 2018
  • Bags Trend Book S/S 2018

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Bags Trend Book S/S 2018

Trend information and design proposals for womens bags in an inspiring trend book. Bags Trend Book provides you with the latest trend information and new inspiration for your bag collections.
The 70-page trend book is generously and attractively designed. It contains the seasonal concepts with inspirational images, colour chards (with Pantone® codes), colour combinations, fashion photos and model sketches as well as many exclusive proposals for womens bags in perfect, stylish and realistic colorized drawings.

Each of the 7 seasonal themes provides detailed plotted bag models, besides many photo examples of outfits, bags and other accessories.
This adds up to approximately 100 innovative, highly fashionable and market-driven bag designs for qualitative demanding market segments.

31 x 31 cm, 70 pages, spiral binding, soft cover, text in Spanish and English. Appears twice a year in February and August. 

Prijs per item = € 800,00

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