• d.cipherfm Pure Men S/S /2019
  • d.cipherfm Pure Men S/S /2019
  • d.cipherfm Pure Men S/S /2019

d.cipherfm Pure Men S/S /2019

The d.cipher team works on colour and trend prediction nearly two years ahead for the trend books. The books are a compilation of thoughts and ideas, focused into clear thinking compact groups of stories that reflect coming trends. 

d.cipherfm creates a balance between the ‘cutting edge’ and the commercial needs of their client base to formulate the seasonal trends. Their major strength is converting those hunches and factual data into brilliant colour palettes. 

The Mens Pure colour books follows Activate, these drill down to specific trends and range plays for menswear. A beautiful colour, trend and styling forecast for menswear. It contains themed mood images and a bespoke seasonal colour palette.

Content:       Menswear colour, trend, styling & accessories reports.

Format:        Book, CD, yarn colour hanks, cotton swatches & chips.

Published:    August for Spring - December for Autumn/Winter

Prijs per item = € 1.395,00

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