• Trend Union General Trends - Lidewij Edelkoort - S/S 2019 - GODDESSES -

Trend Union General Trends - Lidewij Edelkoort - S/S 2019 - GODDESSES -

Every six months, Li Edelkoort conceives the General Trend Book, which sets forth the main trends 2 years in advance. 

This book expresses the trends using inspirational visuals, key colour combinations, explanatory keywords and texts, as well as fabrics and materials that are sampled from all over the world. These are carefully compiled by the Trend Union team.

Published twice a year in a limited edition: in september for the spring/summer season and in february for the autumn/winter season.

TRANSITION, the transforamtion of clothes, textiles and trends.  SS 2018

Our lifestyle reflects the schizophrenic times we live in with hesitant ideas and woolly perceptions; we are in constant transition from one world to another, from one reality to the next, from one meaning to manifold feelings. Troubling times at best. As always textiles and clothes react with precise imprecise design directions, blurring borders, obscuring codes, transforming patterns and transfiguring shapes. Amazing creative forces are unleashed and will help change happen more rapidly than expected. It is as if fashion starts waking up from its long self-induced sleep. The designing of clothes will become a true faith, the production of basics a real cult, the creation of textiles a real provocation. Let’s open up our transient selves to change and transpose the rules to create ingenious pandemonium.
Lidewij Edelkoort

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