• D.Cipherfm Women SS 2024
  • D.Cipherfm Women SS 2024
  • D.Cipherfm Women SS 2024
  • D.Cipherfm Women SS 2024

D.Cipherfm Women SS 2024

D.cipherfm Women is a bespoke colour trend service

The D.cipher team based in London, works on colour and trend forecast nearly two years ahead of the season. There are 3 different dedicated markets: Women/Men/Active. Each of the books has an extensive Colour selection Part I where each colour story is clear, focused and precise with the specially dyed colours in woven cotton swatches. Part 2 of the books describe the Trends, where the colours are combined to match each trend with mood boards, details to describe the trend and how colours can be matched to perfectly describe the new season. Fashion and Design focus.

Published bi-annually

Spring/Summer season: August

Autumn/Winter season: February

Digital support: PDF and jpg bank for inhouse use to clients

Stories/trends ss 2024 

1. im - PURE - ism: Historical discoveries find new innovative beginnings through tech and science.

2. solar society: We take inspiration from our planet powered by the sun ...

3. Promenade: Park-Life concept and all activities from sports to lounging.

4. fai/rie Land: The digital meets whimsical in the meta verse.

5. crafto-matic:  Crafted and re-created with a tech backbone. Future design led by nature's materials.

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