• Luminary Regenerative Colour SS2021
  • Luminary Regenerative Colour SS2021
  • Luminary Regenerative Colour SS2021
  • Luminary Regenerative Colour SS2021
  • Luminary Regenerative Colour SS2021
  • Luminary Regenerative Colour SS2021
  • Luminary Regenerative Colour SS2021
  • Luminary Regenerative Colour SS2021

Luminary Regenerative Colour SS2021


Creative director Anna Starmer founded Luminary Consultancy in London. As well as producing the bi-annual Luminary books, Anna works with leading fashion and interiors brands and retailers, providing color consultation to clients such as Jaeger, Boden, Monsoon, Estée Lauder, Gap and John Lewis. She has worked for Marks & Spencer for over 10 years, in lingerie, childrenswear and now, Home.

Twice yearly, Anna Starmer produces Luminary, an early color and trend concept bible that kickstarts seasonal concept inspiration. Alongside color, it offers key theme directions, macro lifestyle trends, and insight into the coming season. Distributed worldwide, the book is hand made in the UK and limited edition.

Luminary includes large-scale color fabric swatches and digitally printed paper chips. Dyed to a technical standard, fabrics are available to order. Trend-accurate colors and palettes support designers and buyers in working confidently with color.

Luminary SS2021

Regenerative Colour:
As we are all working together to find new and natural regenerative processes in the way we live our lives.

Key messages in the SS21 book:

• Rebellion - there is a growing movement of people determined to change the way we think about our future on this planet - it is time we listened.
• Rebirth - We can immerse ourselves in deep waters, ready to be rebirthed, rejuvenated and reborn. Deep lagoon greens and blues.
• Rewilding - the call of the wild continues to drive a longing for everything we do to have a deep connection to nature. New natural greens have a more yellow cast, are fresher.
• Rethink - slow down, travel consciously, read, do less. In short - take some much needed time out, to really think deeper about how you are living…. Hot sun kissed colours from Tuscan plaster to sunflower.
• Reboot - technology is not the enemy - it can be seen as a progressive tool to enhance and aid us in our fight to create new conscious ways of living. Pink jelly, lavender and mint add seasonal liveliness - plus a flash of neon apricot.
• Reconnect - remember and look to other cultures, other ways of being. The fast-paced, money driven west may not have all the answers we need. Dusted neutrals, warm plaster and the importance of mushroom tones.

Global travel inspiration this season:

1. Charleston House, UK. The legendary home of the infamous Bloomsbury set including Virginia Woolf, Duncan Grant and Vanessa Bell. It is rare to be allowed to photograph this house - so a real treat and a constant source of inspiration for me.
2. Lamu Island, Africa. Off the coast of Africa, this tiny island is a world away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Beautiful rustic African architecture and unspoilt beaches, with verdant and lush gardens.
3. Italy by train. Travelling through Italy, from Venice to Rome, Positano to Florence, the sun kissed colours of buildings, to the deep green of the Venice lagoon. Plus the ever-inspiring Milan Design Fair 2019 - where the cover image was shot at the Sony installation.
4. The woods in England. The original source of inspiration, the natural world around us, continues to call to me. From mid-summer forest feasts and deep forest healing and yoga. To gathering hedgerow plants and brewing natural dyes to create home grown organic botanical colours.
5. School Strike for Climate Change & Extinction Rebellion action - London 2019. I marched in London and Brighton, my children were on the infamous pink boat in Oxford St, London. There is a growing movement for all of us to rethink how we are living, and to take a conscious step toward finding new ways of being - as the world faces huge problems. It is down to everyone of us to do everything we can to make changes. #bethechange #thisisnotatrend

These messages are not trends - they are global movements which will continue to evolve and grow well beyond the SS2021 season.
It is time to acknowledge that huge change is on the horizon.
We all have the power in our fingertips to make changes in everything we do - to work toward creating a cleaner, kinder, lighter, brighter future for the planet.

“we believe that trend and concept should be used to lead your brand on a journey of transformation, redefining the future paths of makers, retailers, designers and consumers.”
Anna Starmer, Luminary Spring Summer 2021

Language: English
Issue frequency: 2 x Issue per year
Months of publication: 02/08

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