• A+A Concept | Color Trends SS 2026 - 26.2
  • A+A Concept | Color Trends SS 2026 - 26.2
  • A+A Concept | Color Trends SS 2026 - 26.2

A+A Concept | Color Trends SS 2026 - 26.2

A+A Concept Color SS 2026 (26.2)

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Published 2 /year: June & December
Target: colour & concept
Foresight: 18 months
Country of origin: Milan, Italy

FROM THE EDITOR on Spring/Summer 2026


In the era marked by uncertainty, the raw truth is that a number of unresolved issues and crises remain, that will bring volatility and
disruption over the coming years. However, this general state of unease leads to the emergence of new consumer and business needs, which create fertile ground for opportunity, innovation and lots of creativity and colour!

We find ourselves in an eternal quest for a safe space. In 1989 Ray Oldenburg wrote a book called “ the Great Good place”. In his book he argues that we all need a “third place”. A place that is not home, nor work, nor school but one of those physical settings that have throughout history encouraged a sense of warmth, convivality and a special kind of human sustenance. A place where people can escape for informal, free social interaction, essential for democracy and well-being. Today, our third place has been replaced by social media where teeneagers as well as adults are finding their communities through there phones or computer screens, causing an increase in anxiety and depression.The fast evolution of deep fakes, is posing a significant risk to society that is even more profound and disturbing. 

We endeavor to present to you “our third places”, not merely conforming to the conventional definitions as mentioned above, but rather imbued with an ethereal essence, where the boundless realms of imagination, color and creativity intertwine, offering solace while igniting profound contemplation of the world surrounding us. In this edition, we would like to open your eyes and see how to exploit this sense of uncertainty and look forward to seeing yourself on the other side of the storm. May this journey awaken within you a sense of wonder, ignite the flame of inspiration, and imbue your soul with boundless hope and joy. These, dear readers, are “our third places”, realms where dreams take flight, emotions soar and our resilience lies.


Lost utopia. Our odyssey commences with an exploration of the diaphanous realms encapsulated within this theme. A digital labyrinth,
suspended in time and surreality. Here, we are beckoned to ponder the inception of a pristine reality, flawless and immaculate, yet fraught with an unsettling allure, serving as a poignant allegory for our modern day alliance with social media and what once was. Let’s bring back the physical, the real.
Colors: A symphony of hues. Natural warmths blends with the pristine purity of white to create a palette of dusty pinks and purple with a touch of vibrant blue evoking a sense of buoyancy and optimism.

Autenticò, Departing from this ephemeral realm, we descend into the palpable, authentic embrace of Mexico, a bastion of cultural and
environmental resilience, steeped in tradition. It is here that we encounter true essence, a steadfast companion of color and realness
throughout our journey, destined to become the cornerstone of this new millennium. 
Colors: the colors embody the authenticity and tradition of Mexico. From rich reds to earthy browns and greens reflecting the uniqueness of nature and cultural heritage.

Bizarre Fantasy The yearning to escape, as embodied in the vivid world of the imagination, envelops us, casting a veil over reality and conjuring a surreal landscape where creativity emerges as our loyal ally in the face of life’s adversities. Here we master the blend between surrealism, creativity and mesmerizing wizardy.
Colors: A high spirited palette with the richness of azure and pink to crisp aplle green and a digital re-interpretation of lavander as well as a retro-chic terracotta.

The Wanderer Delving deeper into our expedition, we confront the age-old dichotomy between traveler and wanderer. We are beckoned to contemplate our existential voyage and the profound need of our contemporary society to discover, escape, change destination, redefine boundaries, and find a new way of inhabiting the world.
Colors: A rich combination of bordeaux and blue with the integration og soft greens and touches of orange creating a perfect harmony.

Twisted Sight Our voyage continue through the realms of creativity and art, culminating in this enigmatic reality. An evocative exploration of the enduring interplay between sustainability, surrealism, awareness and provocation as it endures the ravages of time and finds their rightful place within the tapestry of existence.
Colors: Evoking the nostalgia of the past and the concept of upcycling with dusty pastel shades of yellow warms in contrast with deep black creating a balance between lightness and intensity.

Landmark Finally, we conclude our odyssey with the elemental meaning of Stone, A testament of resilience in its purest form. Beyond merely offering insights into sustainable living, it serves as a poignant reminder of our innate capacity to endure and evolve, even amidst the harshest of trials.
Colors: Grey re-emerges in all its shades evoking solidity, strength and resilience. Green, lush and vibrant, emerges as our guide towards a brighter and more sustainable future.