A+A G-Men | The New Gentlemen AW 25/26 - 26.1

A+A G-Men | AW 25-26 - 26.1

Autumn/Winter 2025-26. A trendbook dedicated to menswear, its future trends and style. A selection of colours, fabrics and material samples. Different themes are presented each season, each with a new view and interpretation on the latest trends in men's fashion. Each book provides the fundamental tools for inspiration and creativity: 6/8 themes that tell the trends through inspirational images, colour ranges and harmonies, silhouettes, fabrics and sophisticated materials, with more than 60 exclusive prints (in .jpg and layered psd format) and technical vector drawings created in-house by A+A.

A+A G.MAN AW 2025-26 - The Menswear Trends

Published twice/year: Jan./July
Target Group: Men, Colour concept
Foresight: 18 months
Country of origin: Italy (Milan)


A rhythmic exploration of how the pulse of politics and the sway of economies find expression in the evershifting world of fashion. For 26.1 our journey begins amidst the cutting- edge allure of Berlin-inspired fashion with “Too close to see clearly”, where the heartbeat of techno and the neon-lit nights collide. As we travel eastward to Siberia, “Absolute Zero” breathes life into the frozen landscapes and the resilient spirits of the Nenets people. The professional realm unfolds in the pages of “Salary Man” mirroring the modern professional’s tango between tradition and the burgeoning hybrid landscape. In the realm of masculinity, our exploration takes flight with “Everything, Everywhere, all at once”. Here, gender becomes a tapestry, and inclusivity is a celebration and a poetic ode to the myriad expressions of modern manhood. “As It Was” invites us into a man’s time-traveling reverie, a symphony of 1950s nostalgia and contemporary whispers. “A Man With No Country” unfurls a rich narrative of cultures that are interwoven, capturing the dance of identities in a kaleidoscope of hues.

Too close to see clearly:
Welcome to the cutting-edge world of Berlin-inspired fashion, where sensuality meets virility in an electrifying fusion of under and  outerwear, where fashion transcends boundaries and embraces a daring spirit of experimentation, drawing inspiration from the city’s pulsating techno scene, captivating nightlife, and the alluring morning-after. Embracing genderless fashion, putting the spotlight on new body parts and going lower and bolder. Hints of vibrant neon yellow and greens, and ice blues recall the exhilarating energy of Berlin’s
nightlife, creating a dynamic interplay with the neutral morning after palette.
KEYWORDS: Alchemy, provocative, raw industrial, revealing.

Absolute Zero:
Embarking on a fashion odyssey through the frozen Siberian Peninsulas, “Absolute Zero” draws inspiration from the resilient Nenets people and their enduring relationship with extreme cold. Rooted in the harsh landscapes, this trend creatively incorporates elements like ice cube deformation and the rich Nenets cultural heritage, shaping materials, textures, and colors. With a focus on protective and cozy garments, “Absolute Zero” pays homage to tradition while catalyzing modernization in today’s fashion.
KEYWORDS: functional, layertude, resilient, arctic harmony.

Salary Man:
“Salary Man” embarks on a journey into the bustling world of the modern professional, navigating the harmonious blend of traditional work culture and the emerging hybrid work landscape. This collection highlights a shift towards comfort and versatility in sartorial choices, where the Salary Man embodies not only corporate life but also the adeptness to navigate the changing tides of modern work culture with style and confidence. 
KEYWORDS: adaptability, hybrid, versatile comfort, blended routine.

Everything, Everywhere, all at once:
A captivating journey back to the early twentieth century, where gay and lesbian couples privately celebrated their love amidst economic crisis and material scarcity. Influenced by their circumstances, these couples fearlessly expressed themselves through creative volume and shapes, embracing a modern masculinity that knows no boundaries. Their dynamic partnership blends minimalist elegance with an extravagant rhythm, reflecting the evolution of a new masculinity that celebrates gender liberty, shapes, and materials once deemed taboo.
KEYWORDS: redefine, daring, liberation and confidence, fluid fusion.

As It Was:
In a world where time seems to blur the lines between past, present, and future, a man of around 70 years embarks on an enchanting mental trip. The threads of nostalgia entwine with modernity, and he finds himself immersed in a time capsule that confuses the perception of time. This unique style journey takes us on an experimental exploration of his past, filled with vibrant flashbacks of his childhood in the 50s and 60s. The man’s memories distort proportions and colors, creating a mesmerizing mix of different styles.
KEYWORDS: nostalgia, contemporary flair, whimsy, forever young.

A Man With No Country:
The current political and economic situation in Europe continues to be marked by significant challenges, leading to increased immigration and relocation of individuals seeking better opportunities and safety. As people move away from their traditional roots and adapt to new environments, they are faced with the task of rebuilding their identities. This journey results in a diverse and culturally rich fashion landscape, where a mosaic of traditional and modern aesthetics is embraced, giving rise to unique shapes, colors, patterns, and volumes. The result is an artsy and eclectic approach to fashion that celebrates individuality and cultural diversity.
KEYWORDS: multi-faceted, sustainable melting pot, mix-to-match.