A+A G-Men | The New Gentlemen SS 2026 - 26.2

A+A G.MAN SS 2026 - The Menswear Trends (26.2)

Published twice/year: Jan./July
Target Group: Men, Colour concept
Foresight: 18 months
Country of origin: Italy (Milan)


We are seeing a shift in menswear that could necessitates  a re-imagination of its future. Whether it’s defining a status, dismantling norms or simply being true to one’s own style, masculine fashion is being presented in new and captivating ways. We continue to thread the needle through past, present, and future while weaving in influences where variety is key. Men’s fashion continues to be a beautiful cocktail of inclusiveness and individuality keeping the focus on quintessential basics and attention to detail. 

  • We are still seeing a mix between urban style and rural ease. 

  • “Gardencore-Bloomcore” continues to remain a strong influence. 

  • A return to elegant sartorial choices is in the make.   

  • A strong comeback in formalwear but with a more contemporary twist. 

  • Skate culture is becoming more immersed and influential in men’s fashion. 

  • The art of high-low dressing is still strong balancing smart- casual and sports all in one.