• A+A Home Interior Trends AW 25/26 - 26.1
  • A+A Home Interior Trends AW 25/26 - 26.1

A+A Home Interior Trends AW 25/26 - 26.1

A+A HOME Interior Trends A/W 25/26 - 26.1

Published twice/year: Jan./July
Target Group: Interior, Textile, Colour concept
Foresight: 18 months
Country of origin: Italy (Milan)

Trend forecast deciphering the current trends for decoration and interior design. It includes: key seasonal themes, carefully selected colour range and colour harmonies, inspirational imagery, key fabrics, textures and materials. It also includes key prints and patterns made exclusively by A+A. 

In the heart of art and design, an enthralling journey begins. This 26.1 edition becomes our passport to extraordinary and evocative environments. A path that takes us through the Theory of the Four Elements, exploring extraordinary worlds. Earth, Fire, Water, Air come to life in timeless artistic forms. Each theme, laden with meaning and creative vision, unfolds as a unique work of art, weaving a visual narrative that not only captures the gaze, but also takes us on a creative experience through the complexity and intrinsic beauty of our world. Through the rooms of "Only Lovers Left Alive,", the red of passion merges with darkness in an enigmatic and glamorous atmosphere. "Metamorphic Wonders" introduces us to an anthem of authenticity, of art embracing imperfect beauty. "El Cosmico" transports us to a mystical space that becomes an enchanted refuge. "Crystal Reverie" leads us through a realm of ice, where cool tones and crystalline reflections merge in an almost icy contemporary fusion. "Master of Light" celebrates light as an art form, while "Matcha Kyoto" transports us to a dreamlike atmosphere inspired by the fusion of ancient and modern becoming a ritual of elegant tranquility. Every page of this book is an invitation to explore, to dig beneath the surface, to grasp the subtle meanings and hidden stories behind each image. 


1 Only Lovers Left Alive
Imagine a capHvaHng and mysterious theatrical curtain. An atmosphere saturated with glamour. An immerse experience of intimacy, a private room, a space that unveils the enigmatic and romantic decadence typical of an almost 'vampiric' residence. Glossy and
incandescent materials challenge the austerity of marble and cement, while wood and velvet contribute to warming the spaces, adding a theatrical touch to the environment. A paleKe of fiery colours symbolizing not only flesh and blood but also love and passion.
KEYWORDS: Dracula soul, nucleus of hell, flamboyant, dark & drama

2 Metamorphic Wonders
An ode to authenticity and elegance in imperfection. This trend embraces a new deviant aesthetic, leaving behind "perfection." Beauty finds new life in the rediscovery of the ugly. A fusion of concrete and tangible materials, where the mastery of craftsmanship manages to transform imperfection into astonishing creaHons. A paleKe of neutrals blending warm tones of brown with shades of pink, amber, and honey.
KEYWORDS: sensually organic, understated beauty, meticulously handcraIed, modular & sinuous.

3 El Cosmico
A refuge for contemplation and reflection, wrapped in a touch of mystical charm. Mirrors transform the space into an enchanted sanctuary. A magical atmosphere that comes alive through light and diamond glimmers, dancing in harmony with the moon. An eclectic elegance unveils itself through fragments of luxury, embroidery, and texHle applicaHons. A combination of silvery and bronzed metallic textures evokes the Milky Way and galaxies. 
KEYWORDS: celestial glamour, fantastical, opulent atmosphere, eclectic & magical.

4 Crystal Reverie
An ice realm, that blends harmoniously with breath-taking reflecHons. Mirrors and crystals unveil enchanHng plays of light, shaping an almost frozen atmosphere. The materials recreate the appearance of clear water and thin ice, with a solid surface hosting luminous crystal. Some reflect the surface light of ice, while others suggest the depth of oceanic abysses. A palette of cool tones, almost monochromatic, capturing the essence of modernity, where strength merges with delicate transparency.
KEYWORDS: floating iceberg, ice jewels, immersive, solidity & transparency.

5 Master of Light
Light fills the spaces and sculpts the environments with mastery like a sophisHcated dance between light and shadow where the chiaroscuro carves-out spaces, offering fascinating perspectives from every angle. Kaleidoscopic movement with bold and vibrant colors. Materials with iridescent a mulH-chromaHc finish. Design transforms into a poeHc visual narrative, a sensory experience that transcends aesthetics, giving life and personality to each environment.
KEYWORDS: shiIing splendour, pixel-plisse, digital artistry, iridescent symphony.

6 Matcha Kyoto
Immerse yourself in an almost dreamlike atmosphere inspired by Asian aquaHc landscapes, characterized by a constant pursuit of harmony and balance through natural elements. Blending ancient with modern, clay walls and aged beams, creating an evocative environment and transforming the space into an elegant oasis of tranquillity. A captivating color palette of emerald green and lacustrine tones.
KEYWORDS: Japanese heritage, Zen heaven, quiet contemplaHon, enchanting ambiance.