• A+A Life in Color | Color & Lifestyle AW 25/26 - 26.1

A+A Life in Color | Color & Lifestyle AW 25/26 - 26.1

Life in colour a/w 2025-26, a colour & Lifestyle guide


What is LIFE? Life is color. Color is life. A colorful world we are living in. It is a blessing.Every single thing exists on Earth can be associated with colors. Colors are not only for the eyes to see. Our hearts and bodies see and feel colors too as they have effects on our emotional,psychological and physical state. My idea is to teleport the readers to all parts of the world, even to some unfamiliar places – to experience life, to embark on a colorful journey together, and to find its true meanings. At the same time, I invite all of you to look around at the world surrounding us, to zoom in and look at the bigger picture. It goes without saying, that the environment, nature, global and social trends are continuously evolving and changing, constantly influencing our life, our choices and existence.I encourage people to reflect on the past, present and future- the past leads us to where we are today, and reminds us to live the present with appreciation, to gather enthusiasm and use it as a fuel to move forward into the future. Since this is about predicting trends, what will the future look like? And what future do we want to create? This is the very fundamental conversation for the creators and innovators who would utilize this book as a starting point.
Touch and feel the colors and textures of the materials. Visualize the movements of the colors as they dance on
paper, in harmony.

KEY THEMES FOR LIFE 26.1 - autumn/winter 2025-26

All things grow on earth. It gives and nourishes all lives. Red earth exists in almost every continent. From the deserts in the Sahara and Namibia, to the Mediterranean, to the Canyons in Arizona, South America, Asia and the Australian Outback. The very soil beneath our feet gives a rich red hue, blends with chocolate brown and pink in clayey and sandy textures, droplets of liquid gold that accentuates the lands.
KEYWORDS: subdued | Terracotta | Warm and Welcoming | Waves of Life | Dark Chocolate Soil | Golden Accents | Glitter Sand | Desert | Marigold Yellow | Soft Pink | Clay-like Texture

Drawing inspiration from the Space Age in the 50s-70s, mankind is officially heading towards the Futuristic Age where acceleration in advanced AI technology and cultural developments influenced by digitalization are evident. Is this to facilitate humankind or to take over? How will our future evolve and look like? A blend of metallic tones of silver and light green, together with deeper hues of blue and petrol, surrounded by an interior with cool metals, provokes a reflection on our relationship with technology .
KEYWORDS: Futuristic | Stainless Steel | Chrome Silver | Artificial Intelligence | Glossy Surfaces | Robotic | Metallic Tones | Sci-Fi | Alternate Universe | Cool Metals | Acrylic Enamel | the Fembot

Over the past decades, modernization, rapid economic and cultural growth, accelerating urban planning and development have led to the “Concrete Jungle” expansion on the world map. Buildings continue to grow vertically.High-rise structures made of concrete and asphalt are becoming a comfort zone to the urban population. Blending soft hues like dusty rose and green marble into the hard, cool greys, gives a warmer welcome after a long day at work.
KEYWORDS: Urban Cities | Concrete and Cement | Durable Materials | Man-made Structures | Shades of Greys
| Uneven Textures | Landmarks | Vertical Lines | Mineral Powder | Dusty Pink and Green Accents.

Curiosity about life is the fuel for creativity. It allows us to keep exploring and creating in the vastness of life. By connecting and applying our natural skill in everyday life, would lead to a more fulfilling life. Art has been a powerful form of creative expression for centuries. In recent years, there is an explosion of creativity and innovation through a diverse range of subjects, mediums as well as industries. Digital platforms enable individuals and companies to showcase their creative work instantly to a global audience. Immerse in a palette of high energy vibrant colors that will spark your creativity and inspiration.
KEYWORDS: Vibrancy | Digital Prints | Contemporary and Modern | Artistic Freedom | Personalities |
Expressionism | Visual Impact | Creative Environment | Art as a Lifestyle| Handcrafted| everyday Art.


In less than a decade, a number of cities will be transformed into economic powerhouses, a.k.a. “future cities”. Take Dubai as an example, it has one of the world’s largest LED screens. A “neon city” built in the middle of the desert. We are now seeing giant 3D billboards with animations featuring larger-than life images moving and almost poking out of the screens. Once called future is now the present. Once called fantasy is now reality. Immersing in a room filled with pastel neon-colored lights helps soothe our minds so that we can continue to fantasize about the future.
KEYWORDS: Dreamy Aesthetic | Pastel Neons | Fantasy World | Flashing Lightings | Relaxed Mood | Imaginative Elements | Cyber Vibe | Muted hues | Electronic | Virtual Reality | Dynamic Glow.


Climate change is an inevitable reality. The frequency of heatwaves, wildfires, record-high temperatures across the globe are increasing at an unprecedented rate.The solar energy heats up the Earth. The lasting warmth gives a feeling that the sun never sets. Bright orange and yellow hues replicates the sun, fills the room with sunlight and energy, all day long. At the same time, the sun is a power source for life. It radiates light, positivity, strength and growth. It can be fierce, it can also be mild and soft like peach.
KEYWORDS: Positive Energy | Sunburst | Warm, Happy and Uplifting | Source of Life | Sunflower | Vitamin D | Rays of Light | Tanned Skin and Leather | Happy Hour.


Tourism is spiking. People have a strong urge to travel. Luxury is no longer just about the possession of expensive goods but more about a personalized experience. The world has seen flocking to Europe for vacations. Seaside cities and islands like Capri, Côte d’Azur, Mykonos are more packed than ever- that these long-standing holiday hotspots are showing signs of fatigue in accommodating such a surge of inbound travellers. On the other hand, it poses a huge opportunity for “second-tier” destinations to grow and attract tourists, and show what they can offer. Diving into a summer palette of ocean blues, delicious pistachio green, bright pink and yellow would definitely stimulate inspirations.
KEYWORDS: Blue Sky | Ocean Waves | Vacations | Playful and Fun | Light and Flowy Materials | Beach Club | Ice Cream Palette | Summer is a State of Mind | The pleasure | Therapeutical.


After sunny holidays, the cooler months offer an opportunity for contemplation. It is often said that September is the beginning of the year. Time for introspection, to go inward and connect with the divinity inside us. Purple is commonly associated with mystery, magic and spirituality. It is an intriguing color which draws us to look deep and inspire us to listen to our inner wisdom. The romantic shades of purple also remind us to love. One has to love oneself before loving others. Self-love is the beginning of a lifelong journey of romance.
KEYWORDS: Romantic Desire | Wisdom | Spiritual Self | Inner Awareness and Reflection | Cosmic Poetry | Stardust Patterns | Trust and Truth | Aurora Borealis | Florals | Erotic and Sensuality | Cosmic poetry | The Awakening.