Fashion snoops is a leading global online forecasting and fashion trend analysis service covering the ladies, junior ladies, men, young men, denim, youth, children, infant & toddler markets, as well as denim and accessories, beauty and home. The company is headquartered in New York with offices and researchers around the globe. 

Famous for its visual approach, simple navigation and focused trend guidance, is a subscription-based service available in different packages based on the number of users. Applying a modular design: offers specific insights into different markets, and selective information from the international runway, trade show and retail scenes. They couple it with in-depth forecasts of trends in design themes, colors, key bodies, graphics, materials and more. DRIVING THE NEXT GENERATION OF TREND FORECASTING Providing a holistic pathway from culture to product, we empower our customers to design and market innovative products that fit ever-changing consumer needs. 

Fashion Snoops offers subscription packages based on services the client chooses (a la carte) and the number of users. For further queries, presentation at your place please contact us at 020-5305380 or