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Fashion Snoops is a leading online forecasting and fashion trend analysis service covering the men's, denim, women's, kid's, accessories, sports, denim home & beauty markets. Fashion Snoops was created by experienced designers and merchandisers to bring practical inspiration to creative teams in fashion and licensing companies.

FashionSnoops  delivers a modern Youth trend service that rather than a traditional trend book, is more emphasized as a report in blogformat with smaller and larger reports, complimented by inspirational microtrends which follow music, art, street sports, where from the young trends prosper. 

A global view on the Youth Trends presented photos and illustrations as the primary source of communication. Unique ways of reaching the young's trends to give us new Commercial trends for Kids, Men, Sport, Street and Women for both the garment industry as well as the shoe-accessory industry.

Order two modules (e.g. youth & women) and get discount of the total price.

Fashion Snoops offers subscription packages based on services the client chooses (a la carte) and the number of users. 

For further queries, presentation at your place please contact us at 020-5305380 or

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